Bridges to Opportunity (Image credit Pixabay/Larisa-K)Rimini Street has announced that Ricoh Company Ltd has selected its support service to enable it to free up resources and finances to conduct a business transformation program. Oracle has used Oracle products, including Oracle EBS ERP and Oracle Databases, for years. However, it has decided to migrate from some Oracle products in the near future. It is unclear whether this will see it move completely away from Oracle.

With a long-term strategy of replacing several Oracle products it wanted to reduce the costs and resources needed for maintaining those systems for updates and security patches. It would also cease upgrading the existing solutions.

With multiple instances of Oracle databases to support, it looked for third-party service providers to fill the gap in its support requirements. One of the vendors it considered was Rimini Street.

Keisuke Hamanaka, Deputy General Manager of Process, IT and Data Management at Ricoh, picks up the story, saying, “Since we had already decided to move off of Oracle, our priority was maintaining and securing our current systems, not upgrading them. We made a comparative evaluation with other companies offering similar services and concluded that Rimini Street is the only partner that can support the Japanese market with the high-quality support and protection we need, at a price that aligns with our financial goals.”

The solution

Rimini Street proposed that Ricoh select Rimini Support and Rimini Protect to combine the support service it needs with the additional security layer. Ricoh will secure its Oracle EBS applications with Advanced Application and Middleware Security (AAMS) and Oracle databases with Advanced Database Security (ADS). The services will mean that Ricoh is protected from zero-day vulnerabilities, without extensive downtime and has a strong engineering support team in Japan to deal with any issues quickly, resolving faults and restoring data in the case of any outages. With Rimini Street’s global team available to Ricoh it can now have a confidence level, possibly even higher than before.

Hamanaka added, “Rimini Street offers an attractive service that has saved us hundreds of millions of yen in upgrade costs and staff highly skilled support engineers who can cover major ERP and database systems and protect them too. We were able to divert resources from engaging in a major EBS upgrade and save several billion yen at the same time.

Gabe Dimeligio, Group Vice President and General Manager of Rimini Protect at Rimini Street
Gabe Dimeligio, Group Vice President and General Manager of Rimini Protect at Rimini Street

In addition to the tangible benefits of partnering with Rimini Street, these services give Ricoh peace of mind knowing we have dependable security around the critical data in our Oracle Databases that back up EBS.”

Gabe Dimeligio, Group Vice President and General Manager of Rimini Protect at Rimini Street, commented, “As a trusted partner to thousands of organizations across the globe, we are proud to deliver a unique combination of end-to-end IT solutions for mission-critical systems that help achieve both short and long-term business and financial goals for our clients. We empower our clients to focus their resources on projects that strengthen their competitive stance in the market, backed by the security, support and quality Rimini Street is known for.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Rimini Street continues to win the support business for ageing Oracle and SAP installations. These contracts may only last a few years, but they offer huge value to clients and significant revenues for Rimini Street. It is not only less expensive for businesses to switch support from legacy vendors, but they often receive better support and faster P1 response, with Rimini Street offering a 10-minute response time under Rimini Protect and Rimini Support and nominating a dedicated engineer for each contract.

The question is whether Rimini Street, once it has demonstrated its capabilities in supporting these legacy solutions, will then be offered further work under its Rimini ONE services offering. This adds managed services (Rimini Manage), consulting and other technical services to clients.

Explore the full Rimini Street portfolio of ultra-responsive, trusted and proven support, managed services, security, integration, observability, professional services and Rimini ONE end-to-end outsourcing solutions for SAP, Oracle and Salesforce applications to support competitive advantage, profitability and growth. Rimini has landed at Ricoh. Can it now expand its service delivery into the technology giant?


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