National Retail Services (credit image/Pixabay/Al Kirouac)National Retail Solutions (NRS) has launched affordable tools designed to level the playing field in today’s competitive market. The company says NRS Ecommerce, BOSS Club Loyalty Solutions, and a first-of-its-kind free delivery service equip small businesses with the resources to thrive in the digital age without breaking the bank.

The service has been growing due to its cost efficiency to retailers and success in helping independent convenience stores. The solution is an add-on service available for NRS point-of-sale customers. This comprehensive solution is designed to help independent retailers stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape.

The National Retail Solution release provides:

BOSS local shopping app:

Retailers in the NRS eCommerce programme can enhance their digital presence by offering customers the convenience of online shopping from a single platform. The NRS Delivery Network is a network of delivery partners NRS brought together to provide the same benefits as established competitors. However, this is achieved at significantly reduced delivery costs for retailers. Through the NRS Delivery Network and the BOSS Local Shopping App, NRS is able to provide zero-cost delivery to merchants regardless of how many deliveries they fulfil. Unlike other solutions that charge retailers up to 30% per order, NRS supports retailers to offer cost-effective deliveries to customers.

Customised Retail Website:

Retailers are provided a mobile-friendly, branded website that seamlessly connects to POS for order alerts and seamless, synchronised inventory management. Whether ordering on the shopping app or the website, customers can select pickup or delivery.

Find My Biz:

Part of NRS digital marketing services. NRS offers retailers local SEO at a fraction of the cost of a digital marketing agency. This service makes a store visible online. Enabling customers to find the business on search engines, social media platforms, and even apps like Waze. The store listings online can include the physical address, hours of operation, photos, and other details. In addition to the website URL for online ordering.

Manage My Reviews:

A complementary addition and part of NRS’ digital marketing services. This service helps retailers maintain a positive online presence. Live agents effectively manage online reviews and respond to customer inquiries.

BOSS Club Loyalty Programmes:

NRS offers robust loyalty incentives to merchants and shoppers that keep customers returning and saving money. Whether shopping in-store or online, Loyalty is linked to the POS system. Shoppers can sign up with phone number and receive a key fob to scan each time they visit the store. Shoppers receive instant coupon discounts on popular curated items monthly by providing their phone number at the checkout counter. Alternatively scanning the fob. They get Loyalty incentives with redeemable rewards such as “Buy X, Get X Free” deals and credit points toward future purchases. When shoppers log on to their online account with their phone number, they also receive loyalty with every online purchase.

Providing retailers with cost effective services

(credit image/LinkedIn/Elie Y. Katz)
Elie Y. Katz, CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS)

“NRS Ecommerce and complimentary delivery services have grown with our retail partners and their customers,” said Elie Y. Katz, CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS). “We aim to support retailers with cost-efficient services. This will enabling them to serve communities better and compete successfully against larger chains offering delivery and online retail.”

Ari Korman, SVP of Ecommerce at National Retail Solutions (NRS), emphasised, “In a digital world, our merchants operate physical stores. However, they need an equally important digital store. NRS bridges the gap between physical and digital stores, creating a ‘physical’ environment that maximises retailers’ chances of success.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

Small to medium-sized retailers and Brands often do not have the resources, technological skillsets or budget to challenge their larger competitors. And they have to rely on the services of companies like NRS to bridge that gap. Hence, their latest release must be welcomed as an opportunity to level the playing field for independent retailers. Any enhancements that essentially provide independent retailers with omnichannel opportunities are steps in the right direction. Furthermore, mobile friendly websites are pretty crucial for the success of any brand or retail. The Customised Retail Website option is definitely positive, providing a mobile site connected to POS for orders and synchronised inventory management.


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