JItterbit AI Accelerate At its AI Accelerate event in London, Bill Conner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jitterbit, alongside Manoj Chaudhary, Chief Technology Officer, gave a preview of Jitterbit’s investment in AI. Conner also revealed details of the recently announced premier support programs and also spoke of the recent hires to the leadership team.

The main announcement was around the new AI-powered product capabilities that will be available in beta later this year.

Bill Conner, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jitterbit (image credit - LinkedIn/Bill Conner)
Bill Conner, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jitterbit

Conner commented, “The future of application development, orchestration and automation is based on an AI evolution, not a revolution. Even the most agile organizations need a smart, measured approach to infusing AI capabilities into their business and infrastructure — and doing so at their own choice and pace. They shouldn’t be forced to ditch their investments and start new ones. It’s an unnecessary risk.”

Jitterbit shows off AI-powered application development

On stage, Chaudhary demonstrated three upcoming product updates. These will be available later in the year to “select Jitterbit customers”. It is unclear whether customers can apply for inclusion or whether Jitterbit has already selected them.

  • App Builder AI Assistant: This will allow users to leverage AI to build and/or modify an application using natural language in a chatbot interface. Importantly, this will allow citizen developers to build code faster, reduce the training barrier and accelerate time to value.
  • Connector AI Assistant: Use an AI-powered chatbot to build an iPaaS connector for an endpoint that has a REST API. It will, to an extent, democratise the creation of integrations between applications and again allow the faster development of integrations between applications.
  • AskJB: An in-product AI chatbot that fields natural language queries of Jitterbit docs and delivers precise and concise responses. For users unsure of how to use the software, the day of struggling to find the right help file may be over. It does mean that they need training in prompt engineering, though.

Chaudhary commented, “The relationship gap between humans and computers is closing at a rapid pace. The commoditization of AI is bringing complex problem-solving to a whole new level of workers and doing so by narrowing communication barriers through natural language capabilities.”

AI is revolutionising the way that business, software and many aspects of life are changing. Antonio Cisternino, CISO and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa commented, “AI has the potential to revolutionize data integration and automation. It allows a completely new form of human-machine interaction to deliver a new spectrum of capabilities to zero-code automation. Jitterbit brings enterprise discipline for this brave new era. Enterprises should start thinking about organizing and empowering knowledge.

“AI is about taking general knowledge from the model and adding enterprise knowledge and feeding this into AI to deliver the best results tailored for the organization. AI can unlock hidden knowledge from within an organization to feed AI.”

New hires

Connor was appointed CEO in February and has already strengthened the leadership team. In May, he promoted Geoff Blaine to the role of Chief Marketing Officer. Blaine joined the company in February as VP of Corporate Marketing and Communication. Prior to that, he worked with Conner as CMO of SonicWall for six years. He has over 20 years of B2B marketing experience working for companies such as A10, Armor, and Entrust. Blaine has hit the ground running, launching the first global marketing campaign with two offers that are available until the end of July.

Connor has also brought on board Jennifer Binet as Vice President of North America Sales.  She comes from Sectigo, where she was Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales. She also worked in senior sales roles at Zix, Silent Circle, and Entrust.

The third appointment is Kate McIntyre, Vice President of Customer Success. Her background is in sales leadership and she previously worked with Connor at SonicWall for a time. She has spent the last five years as a fractional VP of Sales, managing her customer success. She will now play a crucial role in enhancing Jitterbit’s customer relationships and ensuring the highest level of service.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

It is refreshing to see a vendor make major announcements outside the US. It demonstrated the importance of the UK and wider European market to Jitterbit. EMEA makes up around 30% of Jitterbit’s revenues, and Connor expects it to grow.

It will be interesting to see the details behind these beta products and especially the guardrails that Jitterbit has put in place for them.


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