Fingerprint Security Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayAt Zoholics Austin, Zoho Corporation announced a new tightly integrated security solution that comprises four updated Zoho applications. The intent is to provide businesses with a platform that provides a security protection layer for users without having to compromise usability.

The four solutions included in the new security stack have also been updated with several new features to ensure the combined stack is stronger. The applications include:

Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho
Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho

Raju Vegesna, Zoho’s Chief Evangelist said, “Nothing is more important to Zoho than the privacy and security of not only our customers but their customers, too. That’s why we’re announcing additional safeguards to our integrated security stack, bringing businesses the broad and deep protection needed to defend against today’s increasingly sophisticated attacks. This stack is unlike anything else on the market, providing top security solutions alongside a privacy-first browser, which affords users an additional layer of safety against surveillance and tracking.”

Why this matters

Irwin Lazar, President and Principal Analyst at Metrigy, commented, “Metrigy’s research data shows that attacks against business applications are continuing to increase, while at the same time, many organisations lack a comprehensive, full-stack approach for protecting themselves against growing risk. In addition, adoption of generative AI is growing. With nearly 85% of our research participants using or planning to use it while only 39% have implemented a generative AI security strategy.

Zoho’s integrated approach, combining identity and access management with a secure browser, provides IT and cybersecurity leaders with an integrated suite of tools to secure application and data access, including generative AI services.”

The pricing for the four solutions starts low and is priced by user Ulaa and OneAuth are free and the later is included with many of the Zoho apps.

Vault pricing starts at $1/user/month (UK £0.90 pupm and Zoho Directory is $2/user/months (UK £1.36 pupm). There are also free tiers. These applications are also included within ZohoOne.


The Zoho privacy-centric browser has added more AI-powered capabilities to protect users. The browser now includes ML-powered phishing detection. The browser will now detect and block malicious sites which attempt phishing or provide harmful downloads.

The crypto-mining detection will block unauthorized cryptocurrency mining scripts running in the background. It will also help users by preserving system resources and can help prevent performance degradation caused by crypto-mining activities.


Zoho Directory is a workforce Identity Access Management platform. It helps businesses to authenticate and authorise employees to access cloud applications, devices and networks securely from a single console. It helps administrators to manage interactions with the Zoho Directory. The application is also available from a mobile application, giving huge flexibility to administrators.

A new feature within Zoho Directory is conditional access and routing policies. Within the Directory administrators can set a conditional assignment for a group of users to automatically give access permissions to a set of components (apps, directories, devices). This feature saves time for administrators. In addition, businesses can also authenticate enterprise WiFi networks and VPNs. Supported devices for authentications include Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.


OneAuth is Zoho’s multi-factor authentication solution. MFA solutions can become cumbersome for some users. Zoho has added a Smart Sign-in, which enables users to log into their Zoho Accounts by scanning a secure QR Code. Administrators are also able to enforce MFA across the organisation. Session security can also be maintained as users switch between desktop and mobile devices.

Once a user name is entered, a user can log in using push notifications and biometric verification. There is also a new feature that allows users to restrict Sign-in. When enabled, it blocks all future sign-in attempts to your Zoho account. Use this feature if you suspect that your account has been compromised. Or if you won’t be accessing your account for an extended period. The feature has to be disabled from within the OneAuth application.

Accessing OneAuth is more secure with App-Lock, whereby unauthorized sessions can be killed remotely with Remote Logout. OneAuth offers encrypted cloud sync, which makes it possible to use the authenticator across devices. Users can recover lost or stolen devices via a Passphrase, which is known only to them. Thereby making sync and recovery doubly secure. OneAuth is available in Android, iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, Wear OS, and Windows.


Zoho Vault is the firm’s enterprise password manager. This is usable by individuals, teams and large enterprises. It will help users to securely store passwords and other confidential information, including certificates, private notes, and now credit card information. The solution now includes breached password detection. Other features include a password generator, policies, compliance reports, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

In April, Zoho added a desktop app for MacOS after improving its iOS capabilities in March, which include geolocation restrictions. Administrators can also set and maintain access privileges for employees based on need and compliance. Vault offers browser extensions, mobile apps, and desktop apps for all popular platforms.

Widespread use in enterprises

The component solutions are used by a wide variety of organisations globally. Jeff Anderson, Vice President of IT at Integris Credit Union, commented, “We are really pleased that Zoho continues to focus specifically on its security-related offerings. We’ve implemented Ulaa, Vault, and OneAuth, and connected them to over a dozen SaaS applications using Zoho Directory.

“As a credit union, Integris is entrusted with incredibly sensitive customer data, and we won’t take chances on the security, privacy, and trust of our customers. These tools provide the protections we need while offering simplified management for IT, which saves us time and money. Integris Credit Union now uses all four applications in Zoho’s security stack, and I dare say, we could not do without them anymore.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The market is full of different point solutions. What makes this combination stand out is the inclusion of the web browser. It provides a complete and secure platform for users to access Zoho and other applications with fewer concerns than having solutions from multiple vendors would do.

Behind the new solution stack is the Zoho Privacy pledge. This states that the company respects user privacy and that none of its products, including the free versions, include any ad-revenue model. Unusually, Zoho also operates its data centres and has complete control of customer data, privacy, and security. With ManageEngine, a Zoho Company providing a mature security layer across the whole technology stack this new security stack should give surety to companies that the Zoho platform can provide a secure, integrated and complete solution for their business.


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