Support Image by WOKANDAPIX from PixabayJitterbit, the iPaaS vendor that offers a low-code platform that helps organisations transform business operations through automation, has announced Jitterbit Premier Support. The new premier support comes in three tiers. It provides a comprehensive set of services that will align with customers’ different needs.

When customers purchase the Jitterbit platform, they are still entitled to support without additional charge. This includes the ability to raise issues by email and obtain a scheduled callback to help resolve the issue.

Keith Trottier, SVP of Client Services at Jitterbit (image credit - LinkedIn/Keith Trottier)
Keith Trottier, SVP of Client Services at Jitterbit

The three premier support offerings provide a more immediate response for support issues. They will help customers address issues faster and take better advantage of the solutions that Jitterbit offers. The three tiers offer a mix of telephone support and service account managers. Support extends to most of the Jitterbit product set, including Harmony iPaaS, Vinyl low-code, eiCloud and Wevo iPaaS. Currently Harmony EDI does not seem to be included.

Jitterbit have confirmed the Harmony EDI is included.

Keith Trottier, SVP of Client Services at Jitterbit, commented, “In our fast-changing business world, integration and automation are crucial for success. Disruptions in these systems can significantly impact internal and external operations. Jitterbit Premier Support provides enhanced assistance precisely when and where it’s needed most.”

What are the three tiers of Jitterbit Premier Support?

The new tiers will launch in June 2024. However, some services will only be available for US Eastern Time Zones between 0800-1800. Jitterbit aims to extend availability to all time zones in October. Premier Enterprise Support, for which it will offer 24×7 coverage, should be available later in 2024. What isn’t clear is how many working days the Premier and Premier Plus support is available.

Clarification from Jitterbit: Premier and Premier Plus Support is available Monday-Friday

The first level, Premier, provides a base tier for customers. During working hours, it allows up to 10 phone credits. It has two authorised support contacts and a shared service account manager. Customers can purchase additional phone credits if they use all of them and additional support contacts. Though it is unclear what these support contacts deliver.

For smaller firms, 2 authorised support contacts are reasonable, but for those firms which have multiple Jitterbit products, they may need to add additional ones.

The second tier, Premier Plus, offers 18 credits, 3 authorized contacts, 24×7 live agent calls for severity 1 and 2 calls and a shared service account manager.

The third tier, Premier Enterprise, includes a named Service Account Manager and will provide 24×7 telephone support with 5 authorised support contacts and twenty-five phone credits. Again, these can be added to.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

There is no doubt that Jitterbit has thought very carefully about the different tiers for it. Placing a limit on the number of authorised contacts, while it seems sensible, may cause headaches for customers. What happens if one engineer is on vacation and the other is off sick? When the support contact leaves, what is the process for changing the support contact? This could be onerous in terms of administration for Jitterbit. If the process is automated, the customer might want to change out the contact to ensure that the engineer available is able to log the call.

There is also no pricing available for the service and no indication when Harmony EDI will be covered. Jitterbit has delayed expanding the service until it can see what the take-up is and provide the required engineering support for the service. The choice of starting at 0800 Eastern time is slightly odd. It might have been sensible to align the cover better with all US time zones. Making the hours 0900-1900 would have meant California customers would have support until 1700.


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