How to create a spreadsheet from a photograph of one - Image by Pexels from PixabayUsually, we either create a spreadsheet from scratch or update and edit an existing one that has possibly been in the company for a long time. In a company, we are linked to a network so it is easy for any member of the company to send or allow access to an old spreadsheet. We have the internet, so it is easy to send a file to someone in a different company. But what if we see something on our travels and all we can do to remember what is in that sheet is to take a photo on our phones? Do we really want to spend the time recreating that same sheet from scratch when we get back into the office? Well, the simple answer is obviously not if we can help it!

Before we can do anything with the photo that we have uploaded to our pc we need to check a few things on our system.

  • Select [File] in the tabs File Tab
  • From the list select [Account] Manage Settings
  • Select [Manage Settings button]


You are presented with this screen. Make sure that the following settings are set:

  1. Optional Diagnostic Data = [Unchecked]
  2. In the Connected experiences = [Checked]
    1. Turn on experiences that analyse your content
    2. Turn on experiences that download online content
    3. Turn on all content experiences

These four settings need to be on to be able to import a photograph and change it to a spreadsheet. Optional Diagnostic data

Connected Experiences

  • Close out of the account settings and return to an empty new sheet.
  • Select the [Data tab] Data Tab
  • In the first section [Get & Transform Data] select [From Picture Tool] From Picture Tool
  • If you have not already, then transfer your photograph to your pc to an appropriate folder.
  • Using the [From Picture tool] select [Picture From File…] Picture from File
  • Locate your file Locate file
  • Select the Insert button at the bottom right of the window. Insert Button
  • Now! just sit and wait patiently for the magic to happen.

Screen result 1

Checking and amending

To the right of your spreadsheet, you will see at the top the image you photographed. Underneath there will be an area showing you what Excel believes might be items that are wrong. Here, you will have the opportunity to change and correct the data.

  • Select the [Review button] and carefully review and accept the items that come up. Some of the queries may not be valid, the data is correct, so accept and move on. Data from Picture 1

But some might need adjusting. Data from Picture 2

Scroll through carefully each item that is brought to your attention. There may be something you can correct here more easily that you cannot see at first glance in the review window. Data from Picture 3

  • Once you have gone through all the possible corrections select the [Insert Data button].

A warning sign appears to allow you to go back and review again the data. Warning sign

If you believe all is well, select the Insert Data button. The spreadsheet is created.

This may not be quite what you were expecting. There is still work to be done on it. But you do have the information that you can now rearrange into the spreadsheet that you can work from.

There still may be items that need re-typing.

Some corrections needed

Hope this helps and cuts down the work rather than typing it all from scratch.

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