Astound Digital (credit image/Pixabay/Christian Schröder)Astound Digital has announced a partnership with Shopify to support enterprises with commerce solutions, facilitate business transformation and accelerate growth. Astound Digital has a reputation of redefining commerce architectures, providing the backbone for the successful global rollout of brands across various markets. The partnership is uniquely positioned to help enterprises create exceptional customer experiences while optimising performance and reducing costs.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Vanessa Cartwright)
Vanessa Cartwright, Astound Digital President, NA & UK.

“We want to bring innovations to our clients to help them differentiate their businesses and deliver great experiences to customers. This is supported really well by the continued evolution and roadmap that the Shopify platform has,” said Vanessa Cartwright, Astound Digital President, NA & UK.

A partnership focused on acceleration and innovation

Shopify’s enterprise offering is built for optimizing resources and maximizing returns, ensuring businesses stay ahead of shifting customer needs. Astound Digital enhances this with its proven expertise in driving outstanding business results, developing global reference architectures. The company provides all the skilled resources global businesses need.

The partnership will also combine Astound’s knowledge of the retail business and Shopify’s unparalleled unified commerce offering. Shopify’s solutions aimed at helping retailers break down silos between their channels such as D2C, B2B and Point of Sale. The partnership includes training and certification aimed at accelerating Astound’s capability to support its customers in their retail journey beyond online commerce. Additionally products such as Shopify’s all-in-one POS.

As part of Astound Digital’s portfolio of R&D initiatives, the company is actively developing proprietary accelerators. These solutions are designed to enhance the way Shopify stores are developed and deployed and made more efficient through the use of AI. These accelerators aim to streamline the customisation of Shopify. Furthermore, reduce the time to market for businesses looking to launch or expand their presence on the Shopify platform. By leveraging these proprietary tools, Astound Digital is ensuring that its clients can swiftly adapt to the dynamic digital marketplace. Moreover, maintain competitive edges, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with agility and precision.

Demonstrated success and expansion

“We have a focus on creating exceptional eCommerce experiences and tangible business outcomes for retailers. Astound is a natural partner for Shopify,” said Bobby Morrison, Chief Revenue Officer at Shopify. “We look forward to helping enterprises optimise performance and unlock a better total cost of ownership in partnership with Astound Digital and its portfolio of enterprise clients.”

The partnership has already yielded significant achievements, including the recent relaunch of OCEANSAPART. These milestones underscore the partnership’s capability to deliver transformative commerce solutions.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

It’s interesting how Astound Digital has matured from being another large website design agency to becoming more technology-focused. The company is also embracing data-driven approaches incorporating AI, design, and marketing and thereby creating digital experiences for global brands. Astound’s partnership with Shopify allows the company to deliver superior digital experiences to its customers.

Shopify is continually investing to improve and evolve its infrastructure for commerce. Both parties are geared to deliver superior digital experiences for their varied user journeys for customers. So, inevitably, both parties and their customers will benefit from this partnership. In January, Shopify announced a partnership with Manhattan Associates, a provider of supply chain commerce. The partnership was aimed at helping retailers build unified omnichannel shopping experiences. For Shopify, adding Astound into its digital orbit further supports its ambitions of helping to create exceptional experiences for enterprises.


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