Galileo Galilei - image credit WikipediaAt Irresistible 2024, The Josh Bersin Company has launched Galileo. An AI assistant that provides insights from decades of experience that the Josh Bersin Company (JBC) has built. The Josh Bersin Company provides a wide range of research and advisory services to help HR leaders and professionals tackle the ever-evolving challenges and needs of today’s workforce. It has now used AI to distil that knowledge into Galileo.

Galileo claims to be the world’s first AI-powered expert assistant for HR. Launched today, the solution is already in use with 60 large enterprise clients and used by over 10,000 HR professionals. With a simple-to-use interface, Galileo enables HR leaders to ask any HR-related question and receive a relevant answer. This is provided by the intellectual property that Josh Bersin has built over 25 years.

Creating an ever-expanding encyclopaedia for HR leaders

Galileo further extends that knowledge base with contributions from data and content from companies such as Heidrick and Struggles, Lightcast, Oyster and Visier. These four companies provide additional information as part of a new trusted content partner program. Their submissions include:

  • Lightcast for comprehensive global jobs, occupations, and skills models
  • Visier for detailed benchmarks on turnover and span of control by industry, tenure, and role
  • Oyster for global employment practices and legal guidance
  • Heidrick & Struggles for leadership insights, frameworks, and assessment methodologies to identify and develop leaders who drive business outcomes

These are the first set of partners, expect JBC to add more in the future. The solution enables Josh Berson to extend its advisory services well beyond the capabilities of its individuals. Thus delivering scalability that enables it to reach every HR Manager within its client organisations.

Amy Farner, The Josh Bersin Company EVP and Galileo Product Leader, commented, “The Josh Bersin Company Galileo AI HR knowledge base will soon be the most trusted and useful in the market.

“We are thrilled to welcome this first wave of Galileo Trusted Content Program partners and also look forward, over time, to expanding the Galileo corpus in a measured, trusted, and valuable way.”

What is Galileo

Galileo is built on Sana AI, a highly configurable AI assistant platform whose clients include Securitas, Merck and the Electrolux Group. Galileo has already ingested The Josh Bersin Company documents including, research, research, in-depth maturity models, frameworks, benchmarks, videos, podcasts, and case studies.

The knowledge provides Galileo with the breadth of content that enables it to help HR managers find information, research vendors, evaluate designs, create RFPs, and stay current on the labour market and HR trends. Customers can also have their corpus ingested into Galileo. Including corporate HR documentation, leadership models, compliance practices, and even corporate training content.

The ability has enabled companies such as Rolls Royce to turn Galileo into a personalised HR consultant for its business. Importantly, Galileo also provides reference links to the source material. Thus enabling HR Managers to confirm the insights or examine how Galileo reached its conclusion.

Mary Glowacka, Head of Learning & Leadership Development at Rolls-Royce and a Galileo early adopter commented, “As a truly people-first organization, where capability development agility is at the core of enabling and empowering colleagues to be at their best, Rolls-Royce recognizes just how critical it is to equip teams with the right skills and tools to help them meet those daily demands.

“Dynamic, user-friendly, and highly adaptable, Galileo really makes the HR professional’s day-to-day life so much easier. I particularly appreciate the advanced prompts that help you discover even more insights and ask better questions that I may have not thought of myself, thus really enhancing my capabilities. Plus, the time saved through finding these answers so quickly means time freed up for more and better quality strategic conversations.

“The Galileo intelligent HR assistant also acts as an initial ‘thought partner’ that’s accessible on-demand while other trusted partners of mine may not be immediately available to interact.”

Changing the way consultancy works

Historically, consulting firms have been limited by the number of experts and consultants it has been able to recruit and train. What JBC has created is a means to scale its services hugely. AI Assistants can provide advice in a closed and private environment around subjects such as Talent Acquisition, L&D, and DEI. Galileo offers support in over 60 languages. It enables multi-national firms to no longer rely on English language solutions and people and provide expertise in any country.

Galileo includes the ability to create private workspaces using subsets of data. It therefore, allows organisations to create AI assistants pertinent to different industries or national regulations.

Josh Bersin, global HR industry analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, commented, “Right from the start, we architected Galileo to be the HR team’s new tireless expert and virtual HR assistant — always up to date on the very latest HR trends, benchmarks, thought leadership, best practice, Josh Bersin Company insights, and vendor market intelligence.

“I’m delighted at how extensively it’s already accomplished that mission at these tier-one brands, and to surface some of these early Galileo wins here on-stage at Irresistible 2024.”

Galileo is included in Corporate Membership. Professional membership costs $49 pupm, with annual pricing available. Enterprise pricing is available on request. It isn’t clear what corporate pricing is from the pricing webpage.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

This is an impressive use of Generative AI by JBC, which will enable it to offer existing customers instant access to its knowledge base without having analysts serve the requests. One wonders when other companies, such as Gartner, will start to offer similar, always-available services for other knowledge-based services.

JBC has built a platform that customers can personalise and extend. JBC, through its partner program will also look to extend the knowledge base over time as well. This could significantly change how some markets operate. It will also be interesting to see whether Galileo is available, relevant and affordable for smaller organisations and what difference it makes to small HR consultancies in the future.

Can other firms afford to ignore Galileo and what it offers, or will they need to bring out an equivalent? What is crucial is the way in which Galileo provides the reference points for every insight. It means that HR teams will have the power to verify every piece of advice given. One suspects that this means liability for their decisions may lie with them as an interpretation of data but the AI needs validation by the HR manager. JBC will want to avoid a situation like that facing Workday, with the class action over alleged bias within its AI software.


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