St Bernard Dog © 2018 Image by SEAN SHIH from Pixabay Panzura has launched a new tool called Panzura Detect and Rescue. It describes it as a solution for near real-time detection and recovery from ransomware. It is a mix of AI-infused detection software with expert-guided recovery.” 

Dan Waldschmidt, CEO, Panzura, said, “When it comes to ransomware recovery, time really is money. The speed at which organizations can neutralize and recover from a ransomware threat is absolutely critical to any data protection strategy.

Dan Waldschmidt, CEO, Panzura
Dan Waldschmidt, CEO, Panzura

“Panzura Detect and Rescue applies machine learning to take roughly 12 billion data snapshots on any given day, giving us an incredibly accurate benchmark from which to identify anomalous patterns and potential threats.” 

Why Panzura Detect and Rescue?

Panzura points to multiple reports showing how fast ransomware continues to grow. More importantly, it says that 32% of companies pay to get their data back. Interestingly, that number is not substantiated by the recent FBI Internet Crime statistics. However, many companies may not report an attack for fear of reputational damage.

For those that are affected, Panzura says the average recovery time is 21 days. However, that is very dependent upon a wide variety of factors, especially in terms of planning and ability to stand up a recovery environment. While a business might regain its systems, that does not mean it is fully operational.

Panzura claims that Detect and Rescue monitors for suspicious behaviour and patterns. When detected, these trigger automated alerts and interdiction within minutes. The result is that an attack is contained and not allowed to become an organisation-wide issue. Importantly, it says that early containment is the key to “slashing the time to intervention and remediation.” 

What is also clear from the announcement is that Detect and Rescue is not a standalone service. It is designed to sit on Panzura CloudFS, the company’s immutable data storage solution.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Being proactive means preventing ransomware from taking place. If you cannot do that, the best thing is a solution that gives you the earliest possible warning of an attack. This is what Panzura Detect and Rescue is doing. It does not prevent ransomware from getting into your systems but it does detect when it triggers. That alone will save organisations a lot of time and effort.

In the announcement, Panzura talks about “layers of ransomware resilience.” However, it offered little in the way of more technical data. When the company updates its product page on the website, more detail should be apparent.

Don Foster, Chief Customer Officer, Panzura, sees the launch of Detect and Rescue as a belt and braces move that enhances what the company already delivers. He says, “To date, no organization that followed Panzura’s best practices guidance has lost data to ransomware while using Panzura CloudFS.”

His customers will hope that he hasn’t just tempted fate.


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