Rings integration Image credit Pixabay/The DigitalArtistSIOS Technology has joined the Nutanix Elevate Partner Program and has been awarded the “Nutanix Ready Validated” designation for SIOS LifeKeeper and DataKeeper. Nutanix offers a unified platform that seamlessly integrates infrastructure and management to enable smooth operations of data and apps across clouds.

The addition of SIOS Technology’s high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) within the Nutanix AHV environment gives Nutanix customers a choice and capabilities beyond the standard Nutanix offering.

In completing the Nutanix Ready Validation, SIOS has demonstrated that the SIOS LifeKeeper and DataKeeper have achieved a high level of interoperability with the Nutanix platform. The two companies are now assisting customers collaboratively to take advantage of the combined technologies.

Margaret Hoagland, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing of SIOS Technology (image credit - LinkedIn)
Margaret Hoagland, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing of SIOS Technology

Margaret Hoagland, Vice President of Global Marketing at SIOS Technology, said, “Joining the Nutanix Elevate Partner Program is a testament to our commitment to delivering robust high availability solutions to customers, extending our reach and providing Nutanix users with the reliability and simplicity they need to ensure uninterrupted operations for their critical applications.”

What can Nutanix customers gain?

SIOS has already taken three products through the Nutanix validation process:

What is slightly odd is that this is not the latest version of the LifeKeeper for Linux release. SIOS released version 9.8.1 a couple of weeks ago, which further increased the usability of its HA/DR solution. One might expect that the company will quickly update the validation for the latest release as well though.

The announcement gives Nutanix customers access to solutions that have already been deployed by over 80,000 organisations worldwide. Customers can be assured that the solution is well test, and SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux will enable them to deliver even more reliable high availability for business-critical applications.

SIOS supports a wide variety of environments, including SAP, SAP HANA, SQL Server, and others running in SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Linux, Rocky Linux and Windows Server. Not only will SIOS users have visibility across Nutanix, but they will also benefit from views across AWS and Azure clouds, further enhancing their visibility. SIOS offers the opportunity to save administration time (especially with the latest improvements) and reduce downtime by implementing, maintaining, and managing stable, reliable HA environments.

SIOS Technology’s portfolio of HA/DR products offers several benefits:

  • It is bandwidth-efficient
  • Provides host-based block-level replication
  • The application recovery kits (ARKs) to enable application awareness for SAP HANA, MariaDB, Postgres and other popular databases and applications
  • A generic application recovery kit to manage other solutions
  • Automated monitoring
  • Issue detection
  • Intelligent recovery for applications, databases, and storage

Overall, the SIOS solutions will help ensure that critical systems are always available for organisations. In a world which is globally connected where firms need to run systems 24x7x365, this is crucial.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is great news for Nutanix customers and will enable them to leverage the enhanced HA/DR solutions that SIOS offers. For Nutanix, it means that it has a sophisticated solution that customers can leverage without having to invest further in their capabilities. This is  especially true for complex environments.

For SIOS, it opens up a marketplace and most customers that already have a complex multi-cloud hybrid environment that is ideal for the SIOS solutions. This appears to be a solid partnership. However, the announcement would have been strengthened by an existing joint customer noting the advantages of the combined solutions. Hopefully, a case study will become available soon. There is also no mention of any joint marketing initiatives that will be carried out. In addition, with no quote from Nutanix, is this more about SIOS extending its capabilities rather than providing a significant advantage to Nutanix?


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