April Rain - Image by Markus Spiske from PixabayLast week, Precisely announced new support to simplify the migration of IBM Db2 data into Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS).

Deltek Costpoint GCCM has achieved FedRAMP Moderate Ready status. Outvio, a provider of post-purchase platforms for eCommerce, has released Outvio Desk, an AI-powered customer support platform.

Salesforce has announced that several of its solutions are now listed on the UK AWS Marketplace. 11:11 Systems announced that it has become a Pinnacle tier partner in the award-winning Broadcom Advantage Partner Program. Monta, the EV Charging platform, has extended its strategic partnership with clean energy solution provider Egg in the UK.

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has awarded Burendo, the product delivery and technology firm, a new contract. SoundCommerce, the composable retail data platform, has been selected by Hearst. Hearst is a large global group of diversified information, services and media companies. P&O Ferries has strengthened its partnership with Netcompany and will implement Netcompany’s PULSE platform.

Tradeshift has appointed Raphael Bres as its new Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO). Eficode has appointed Hans Parvikoski as its new Chief Financial Officer. Sendcloud announced the appointment of Aliaksei Aneichyk as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Mastercard and Worldpay are enhancing the transaction experience by helping merchants resolve transaction disputes faster and with fewer chargebacks. Cybage announced a sponsorship of the Pune Metro system, helping it to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions has revealed the findings of the fourteenth edition of its annual LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study. Entitled, Ecommerce and Retail Report — US and Canada Edition. Enterprise Times recently sat down with Jason Van der Schyff, SoftIron’s Chief Operating Officer, to learn more about SoftIron’s approach to simplifying virtualisation and cloud.


BICS published data that revealed it blocked 507 million fraudulent spam calls and robocalls across its network in 2023. This was up 28% from the 395 million calls blocked in 2022. In total, BICS saved its customers 87 million EUR in estimated costs of wholesale fraud exposure.

Jorn Vercamert, VP for Customer Solutions and Products at BICS and Board Member of GLF said, “Trust in communications is being diminished by robocalls. It’s not just the volume, but the sophistication of fraudulent attacks swarming operators, that is causing significant financial and reputational loss.

“That’s going to make industry collaboration initiatives between telcos and regulators more important than ever. BICS has been advocating for greater industry collaboration for years, actively contributing to discussions being held by the i3Forum, and we’re proud to have recently joined its One Consortium initiative with this aim in mind.”

Beyond robocall attacks, SMS frauds, more specifically smishing attacks, are on a steep rising curve. In total, BICS proactively blocked 473 million smishing attempts. European countries are the top targets of such attacks, with 80% of attacks originating from an EU number.


Deltek revealed some of the latest updates from its Vantagepoint release. The update improves project visibility and will help organisations to deliver projects on time and within budget.

The update includes columns added in Project Review, new visualizations and dashpart capabilities in dashboards. Also, powerful enhancements in Project Planning and Resource View.

Within the Project Review page, project managers can now see their baseline. Profit and variance amounts broken down in columns to give a better understanding of project health. Within Resource View there are more options around what is seen. Users can choose when to display and use the calendar on a plan-by-plan basis.

This latter has been well received during initial demonstrations. Gina Worrall, Deltek Application Administrator, Westland Resources, Inc., commented, ”The calendar function – and its flexibility – are great enhancements that I believe our project managers will appreciate.”

There are also enhancements in Project Panning, Revenue Forecasts, the Gantt chart and enhancements to the dashboard, making it easier to monitor specific KPIs.


FourKites has partnered with BuyCO, a top-tier shipping container platform. It will now have access to BuyCo’s extensive global network of ocean carriers, which covers 97% of global container flows. Shippers can conveniently retrieve essential shipping schedules from their preferred carriers.

Using BuyCo, customers can select optimal routes and then use FourKites to provide visibility to track inventory, shipments and orders. FourKites can highlight risks and inefficiencies using its supply chain data, the most comprehensive in the world.

Mathew Elenjickal, Founder and CEO of FourKites, commented, “Ocean shipping is extremely complex, with numerous stakeholders and cumbersome documentation workflows that can account for upwards of 70% of detention and demurrage. Together with BuyCo, we are filling a significant gap in the industry, enabling shippers to efficiently manage all container shipping operations and gain real-time, end-to-end visibility in one integrated solution.”


Zand Bank has subscribed to the Infosys Finacle Solutions suite to power its corporate banking services. Zand was licensed in July 2022 by the Central Bank of UAE. It is UAE’s first digital bank and provides corporate banking rooted in the region, its people, and its oldest element, sand, which is what its name is derived from.

The Finacle Corporate Banking Solution Suite will enable Zand to continue building out its digital services. Aligning with its cloud strategy and enabling it to take advantage of its data. Zand will now initiate and integrate emergent technologies like AI, blockchain, and digital asset management and drive competitive advantage in the evolving landscape of digital finance.

Michael Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Zand, said, “We are delighted to announce our adoption of the Finacle modular core banking system. This strategic move empowers us to fortify our position at the forefront of innovation, enabling seamless deployment of digital assets, AI, and blockchain technologies. Embracing the future, we are poised to redefine banking experiences and drive unparalleled value for our customers.”


Infor is preparing for a major product release this week with a webinar on April 9th. This will be repeated two days later, about what is coming for customers. Last week, it held an analyst day with Brian Somner giving a sneak preview of what the update contained in Diginomica.


iplicit has announced a new student expenses app that takes advantage of iplicit’s APIs. The app, developed by Konnekt365 enables students to track expenses for union members that run clubs and societies. It is available on both iOS and Android. The app takes a photo of a receipt, extracts data and enters it into the iplicit expense claim.

Ian Randle, Managing Director of Konnekt365 Limited, says. “The app is designed as a bridge between a union’s student management software and their finance system.

“It integrates with the union’s system to identify the registered student, then enables them to manage expenses incurred for their registered clubs and societies.

“Details of the officers who can approve expenses are automatically pulled in from the students’ union system. Expenses can then be submitted, reviewed and approved through the app.

“Since the app is fully integrated into iplicit, the payment routines are all handled via normal accounting procedures within the finance software,” says Ian Randle.

“Our app also provides presidents and treasurers with real-time visibility of club income and expenditure. Reports allow them to review the current financial situation from iplicit, including any non-expense entries.”


Makip announced that “JEANS FACTORY”, operated by Internakatsu Co., Ltd is now using the Unisize recommendation engine on its website.

The company also revealed that “IKG crossing”, operated by Ikegami Co., Ltd, is also using Unisize for its mail-order operation, which offers brands such as KATHARINE ROSS, MAKELET LYON, and Paradise Picnic.

Panasonic Connect

Panasonic Connect announced the opening of its first private 5G network testing environment. It has partnered with leading 5G-as-a-Service providers to make private 5G networks easy to set up and simple to operate across Europe. The testing centre is located at its Customer Experience Centre (CXC) in Munich.

The centre has installed two cells, enabling customers and partners to perform handover tests with applications and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 5GSA devices at a controlled speed and experience the benefits of 5G’s increased network capacity. The facility enables organisations to test the migration of private 5G networks in a controlled environment.

Thorsten Lutz, Architecte de Solutions EU, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, commented, “Many organisations are looking to unlock the potential of 5G for enhanced efficiencies and connectivity but have concerns or are unsure about how to proceed. With our connectivity experience and with multiple Panasonic mobile devices already optimised for 5G, it’s a natural next step for us to offer secure, superfast private 5G networks to customers and prospects across Europe, where traditional networks or public 5G is not fit for purpose.”


TSIA published its usual mix of articles, insights and reports. Most of which are restricted to subscription only users.

Amy Clark, Data Journalist for Industry Insights, published findings from a quick poll on the impact of resources on content development time. Clark revealed that getting content out in a timely manner is the biggest challenge facing content teams.

The article looks at where content developers source content. Highlighting that challenges such as timely access to SMEs (41.3%) and not enough staff (30.4%) are the top two contributors to delays. While it looks at where organisations source content, including low-cost countries and subcontractors, artificial intelligence, though acknowledged by Clark as having a “monumental impact”, did not seem to factor in the questions asked.

Clark also published a second survey insight from the “Getting the Offer Right with AI Survey”. It explores how offering management workflows are impacted by generative AI (GAI) and how offer teams are using large language model (LLM) AI to create more compelling offers. AI and, specifically, generative AI adoption is pervasive. Only 16.7% of polled organisations are not using generative AI. Importantly, nearly 70% of respondents see it as having a positive impact.

Other pieces published this week, though behind a paywall, include:


Zoho announced Zoho Learn 2.0, the latest version of its learning management platform. It now supports customer portals, enabling organisations to create customised experiences for audiences.

The solution also supports SCORM compliance. Users can upload SCORM files onto Zoho Learn. It means that they do not need to recreate content from scratch and it will help with the migration of elearning content from other sources.

The custom portals also enable users to create departmental-specific training courses and paths with department-level tracking of progress and participation. Other enhancements include:

  • Course reminders
  • Mandatory articles
  • Verification reminders for knowledge-base articles
  • The ability to share articles externally
  • Banner images


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