Easter Bunny Eggs Image by Rebekka D from PixabayLast week, Zoho released Workerly 2.0, the next generation of its staffing solutions. At its annual user conference Rooted-In, Rootstock software launched a new Signal Chain Appstore and also revealed a new structure to its partner program.

Adobe announced Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models. These will fundamentally change how brands create and produce content to deliver personalisation at scale. Adobe also announced an expanded partnership with German multinational company Henkel.

Makip launched Unisize for Kids, an innovative solution designed specifically for children aged one to 15. Nosto announced a new integration with Klaviyo.

Upstream Works has announced the availability of AgentNow. The new capability within the omnichannel contact centre platform enables organisations to offer direct contact with an agent.

Neo4j has announced a collaboration and new integrations with Microsoft solutions. SIOS Technology Corp has announced the latest version of SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux, 9.8.1.

FourKites has leveraged the Clari revenue platform for the last few years with great success. ON, an AI chat platform, has announced a slate of new strategic retail partnerships. Bearing Point announced that it has elected Stefan Penthin to become its next Managing Partner.

Enterprise Times published two interviews. The first was with John Furneau, CEO and founder of HIVE, the world’s first democratically produced product management platform. The second was with Clive Sirkin, Executive Chair at Screendragon, the no-code workflow management tool.


TSIA published a few pieces of research this week. They included an article, a quick poll report, a framework and a research paper.

The article (subscription required), “Subscription Renewals: Is It a Sales Play or a Customer Success Play?” explored the resourcing struggle between the CSM role and the renewal specialist role.

A new “Customer Success KPI and Metrics Matrix” Framework (Registration required) identifies the most common metrics for customer success roles.

The quick poll (Subscription required) explored the dynamics between sales and customer success. Asking about the timing of the handoff between sales and CS and the alignment and sharing of KPIS.

The Research Paper (Subscription required), titled “Essential Revenue Growth Practices for Pacesetter Performance.” This summarizes key practices that drive pacesetter performance for expansion and renewals.


Rootstock launched AIRS (Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Rootstock (RS)). This is built on the Einstein 1 platform. AIRS is a complete Signal Chain Decisioning Platform that bridges the physical and digital worlds and enables smart, autonomous decisions that will redefine manufacturing innovation.

The solution already provides predictive and generative AI capabilities, including:

  • Inventory Planning and Next-Generation MRP: (MRP++) (Predictive AI)
  • Demand Forecasting: (Predictive AI)
  • Supplier Collaboration and Risk Management: (Predictive AI)
  • Financials/Cash Flow Forecasting: (Predictive AI)
  • Generative AI for Enhanced Communication: (Generative AI)

Raj Badarinath, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Rootstock Software, commented, “AIRS is not just another AI tool; it’s AI that truly matters to manufacturers. This product represents the culmination of our vision for a fully connected Signal Chain Decisioning Platform, serving as an AI savant that guides and augments our own decisioning abilities.

“With AIRS providing predictive insights, manufacturers can foresee risks and opportunities across their organization. And in response to continually incoming signals, AIRS can recalculate projections and enable dynamic adjustments to order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and plan-to-produce processes. As a result, it has the power to significantly enhance decisions in every facet of manufacturing operations.”


At SuiteConnect, New York Netsuite made a series of announcements.

Generative AI

It added new generative AI capabilities across finance and accounting, supply chain and operations, sales and marketing, and customer support. NetSuite Text Enhance will help users increase productivity, reduce human error, improve consistency, and accelerate business processes.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance

A new NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance Connector enables organizations that manage business portfolios to centralize data, reduce costs, expand insights, and improve decision-making. The new connector enables customers to reduce costs and improve decision-making by consolidating data from multiple NetSuite instances into a single NetSuite Analytics Warehouse environment and improving the accuracy and speed of insights.

Evan Goldberg, Founder and Executive Vice President of Oracle NetSuite, commented, “Private equity firms, holding and parent companies, and franchisors often struggle to consolidate data and derive meaningful insights from the portfolio of businesses they oversee. In many cases, workarounds are time-consuming, error prone, and expensive.”

“With NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance Connector, customers with multiple NetSuite instances can efficiently centralize data, leverage industry-leading AI and analytics to quickly spot patterns, and gain insights from across their portfolio of businesses to accelerate growth.”

NetSuite Connector for Oracle MICROS Simphony

NetSuite also announced a new NetSuite Connector for Oracle MICROS Simphony to support the hospitality industry. This integration is good news for Oracle as it will help MICROS Simphony deliver a complete solution to businesses. The connector is initially available in North America only, sometime in 2024.

Simon de Montfort Walker, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Food and Beverage, said. “Restaurant and hospitality businesses are in a state of constant reinvention, and their technology stack should be making their lives easier, not harder.

“With NetSuite Connector for MICROS Simphony, our customers now have an integrated system that is tailored to their industry, removing the need for third-party platforms or expensive customizations. By seamlessly connecting financial and sales data, businesses can now access performance information to help them make faster, more informed decisions and better serve their guests.”

Customer Stories

There were also three new customer stories highlighted during the event:

UNTUCKit, the apparel brand, is using NetSuite to support its continued growth by automating financial processes, improving the speed and accuracy of reporting, and efficiently scaling its operations. It is using NetSuite OneWorld and NetSuite Advanced inventory across the organisations.

Latch, Inc., a system of software, devices, and services that are used at thousands of top residential properties across the United States, is leveraging Oracle NetSuite. This will support its mission to make the management of buildings simple and improve the quality of life for tenants.

Dollar Shave Club, a leading razor and personal care brand has selected Oracle NetSuite.  After its acquisition by Nexus Capital Management in 2023, Dollar Shave Club selected NetSuite ERP. This will power future growth and consolidate its different systems onto a single platform.


The Deicy website, owned by ESDARB Co Ltd, has started to use MAKIP’s Unisize apparel recommendation engine. Deicy is a women’s chic fashion brand inspired by movies, music, and culture.


ERP vendor iplicit announced several updates to its ERP solution in Release 788. These included:

  • Enhancements to the year-end rollover process and setup. Enabling the usage of multiple Retained Earnings accounts that Fund/Fund type can specify.
  • AP Automation enhancements include the creation of Cash Purchase Documents, improvements to legal entity matching, support for CDAS and much more.
  • Fixed Asset enhancements include the ability to uncapitalise assets and bulk capitalise  assets.
  • Tax localisation improvements for UAE, Czech, Cayman Islands, Germany, Jersey, and Singapore.
  • Currency support for Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Additional user roles.
  • Several other enhancements, including improvements to the IOS app and support for a bulk payment interface from HSBC US Dynamic CSV.
  • Private API support for Zapier.


Infosys announced a strategic collaboration with the Handelsblatt Media Group. They are a leading media company for business and financial information in Germany. It is now the AI and digital innovation partner for the media group.

In the first year, Infosys will leverage Infosys Topaz. An AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms using generative AI technologies. This will support the Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI) in making complex HRI reports on global economic and financial topics more accessible and consumable for the public.

Dr. Jan Kleibrink, Managing Director Handelsblatt Research Institute, said, “We are excited to collaborate with Infosys to offer cutting-edge, AI-enabled trend reports. One of the core tasks of the Handelsblatt Research Institute is to present complex economic relationships and the results of scientific analysis to a broad readership.

“We achieve this with texts of the highest journalistic quality and visual storytelling based on high-quality infographics. With Infosys as our AI and digital innovation partner, we now move to the next level of digital storytelling that is powered by AI.”


Spirit Aerosystems

A SAP user, Spirit Aerosystems found its Earned Value Management tool did not integrate well with SAP. The world’s largest first-tier aerostructures manufacturer turned to Deltek tools in April 2021, including:

  • Cobra earned value software with which Spirit analyzes and manages time-phased budgets, collects actual costs. And generates time-phased forecasts as well as variance and compliance reports.
  • PM Compass business process automation software specifically for project management. With which Spirit integrates scope, schedule, and cost information through a customizable workflow and alerting engine. PM Compass helps PMs manage change, maintain data integrity, deliver reliable performance, and focus on customer success.
  • Acumen Risk, with which Spirit performs schedule diagnostics and critical path analysis and centralizes risk/opportunity identification and management for well-informed planning and decision-making.

The three solutions are now fully integrated with Deltek. Charlene Randall, Spirit’s EVM focal point, said, “With Deltek, we eliminated extraneous databases and gave analysts time to do what they do best — analytical work. Spirit’s project managers know that PM Compass collects and contains all the data they need to successfully manage projects from the dashboard.”

TIP Technologies

Deltek announced the latest update for Deltek TIP Technologies, its quality management solution, in a blog by Padma Raghunathan, Product Marketing Manager. The update includes:

  • Improvements to NonConformance reports with a cleaner, more organized presentation, making the reports easier to navigate and understand.
  • A new indentured grid report illustrates the hierarchical relationship between upper-level and associated lower-level part numbers/serial numbers.
  • A new “Where Used” tab in Document Management to identify where a document is used or referred across the product.
  • Enhancement to Task planning allows the assignment of tasks and due dates during the creation of a task plan.
  • Within the Time – and Temperature–Controlled Material Management (TCM) Module, the system automatically calculates the “Remaining Container Quantity” as the material is being allocated to Manufacturing Orders/Work Orders (MO/WO).
  • Enhancements to material lifecycle racking in the TMC module.
  • A new interface for SAP ECC6.0.
  • Better support for Microsoft Edge.

Deltek ComputerEase

In a blog by Dinah Ribarsky, Product Marketing Manager, Deltek detailed the latest update to ComputerEase. Many of the updates in this release were received by users on the Deltek Idea Portal.

  • Support for Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for Accounts Payable Invoice: the system can now scan and complete data into ComputerEase.
  • Access to AP details directly from the Job Cost Detail Report with the ability for users to drill down into the invoice details, view attachments and even edit details.
  • Payment method tracking has been improved by including payment method details directly in AP reports,. This helps to streamline the process of identifying where and how a payment was made.


ASUS announced two new products this week. The first is the RT-BE88U, the world’s first WiFi 7 router that offers up to 34 Gbps of combined wired network capacity. The router has a 10 Gbps LAN / WAN port, a 10 Gbps LAN / WAN SFP+ port and four 2.5 Gbps ports.

It also offers up to 7,200 Mbps of cutting-edge WiFi 7 networking. Bringing the enhanced data rates of 4K-QAM and dual-band Multi-Link Operation to compatible devices. Plus, Guest Network Pro, subscription-free security features. And site-to-site VPN support help to make an RT-BE88U-based network flexible, safe and easy to manage.

The second is the ASUS NUC 14 Pro. Available in tall and slim form factors. The ASUS NUC 14 Pro is powered by Intel Core Ultra 7 or 5 processor. Powered by three AI engines ― a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), and a Central Processing Unit (CPU). It includes 2 x Thunderbolt 4 ports (with DisplayPort 2.1 and USB4),  Intel WiFi 6E AX211, 2×2, and Bluetooth 5.3. And up to 96 GB of DDR5 5600 SO-DIMM memory.

News from the week beginning 18th March 2024



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