On platform (credit image/Pixabay/WOKANDAPIX)ON, an AI chat platform has announced a slate of new strategic retail partnerships. The company says that it solidifies its go-to AI chat solution position for eCommerce brands across all verticals and sizes. New clients include Kut from the Kloth, the premium denim brand; Business & Pleasure Co., a renowned outdoor and lifestyle brand; and n+Bikes, a leader in the micro-mobility revolution.

These partnerships highlight ON’s continued experience in luxury and eCommerce, which includes engagements with industry giants Armani and Valentino. As ON expands its reach, it brings its transformative AI chat technology to an even broader range of brands. ON says this establishes itself as the frontrunner in reshaping AI’s role in retail and eCommerce. The ON platform addresses the bulk of inbound inquiries, offering an automated AI chat experience that accelerates speed-to-resolution through the shopping journey. The data speaks for itself, with engagement through ON resulting in a five-times increase in the likelihood of shoppers’ purchases.

Supporting brands

(credit image/ON platform/Richard Cheng)
Richard Cheng, President of ON

We welcome these new retail and eCommerce partners into the ON family,” said Richard Cheng, President of ON. “Our AI experiences supports brands to save time and increase revenue, while also providing personalized and engaging interactions with customers. As we broaden our reach, we are not just transforming the way AI is used by leading retail brands. However, we are redefining the standards of customer engagement across industries.”

Partnering with ON marks a significant milestone for us,” says Steve Morales, Head of Growth at Kut from the Kloth.  “We are looking to redefine the digital shopping experience. As I look to drive profitable growth and identify opportunities in the tech stack for efficiency, collaborating with ON is a crucial first step. As a leader, I always look to partner with like-minded companies that are driving innovation. ON enables us to leverage the latest in AI chat technology. This ensures that every interaction our customers have with us online is personalized and engaging in real-time.”

With the addition of Kut from the Kloth, Business & Pleasure Co., and N+ Bikes to its roster – and more retail brands poised to launch this month – ON is shaping the future of retail in 2024 and beyond.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

Online chat tools are the one area in which AI could have a major impact on customer service. ON is well-positioned to lead the charge with its innovative AI solutions. It’s Integration with Shopify provides a model for other partnerships. This strategic partnership is expected to enhance customer interactions and drive sales for retail and eCommerce partners of any size. It offers a better product experience for retail customers, removing friction and creating cohesiveness between the platforms. For instance, access to product information that can also be created within chat delivers an enhanced shopping experience for consumers. Again this should increase site conversions. Ultimately, the aim is always to drive added business value.

“Where is my order” is possibly one of the most common customer service questions fielded by support agents. They are time-consuming to deal with, too. To increase customer satisfaction and significantly reduce the workload for the customer service team, enterprises need to integrate into to the Order API. This grants access to key order information and allows shoppers to track their orders directly within chat in real time. As a result, it improves customer satisfaction and ensures the customer services team can focus on more productive work of business.


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