acquisition JumpCloud Resmo Image credit Inc. has announced the acquisition of Resmo, an asset management and SaaS security solution for modern, cloud-native IT and SecOps teams. Resmo was only founded in 2021 by Serhat Can and Mustafa Akin, both former employees of OpsGenie, which was acquired by Atlassian in 2018. The company is an early-stage startup, having raised only $1.3 million (Source Crunchbase) in external seed funding in a round led by ScaleX Ventures.

The Resmo platform provides a scalable SaaS security and asset management solution that has four broad components:

  • SaaS Inventory: Detect SaaS tools employees are signing into, even the ones in Shadow IT. Identify unauthorized use and SaaS security issues, such as weak passwords and overly permissive access rights.
  • SaaS Security: Discover, monitor, and secure every SaaS application in your organization. Resmo enables IT and security teams to identify and remediate third-party misconfigurations, eliminating shadow IT and ensuring the least privilege.
  • Cloud Document Security: Provides a cloud document security platform designed to oversee and protect every file in your digital workspace, like Google Drive, minimizing the risks of data theft.
  • Cloud Security: Automate cloud asset management with a centralized asset inventory for sprawled resources, policies for misconfigurations or vulnerabilities, and real-time alerts for changes.

JumpCloud is already one of the solutions the platform integrates with. It also integrates with Okta and Jamf Pro. It will be interesting to see whether the former is still supported. Other integrations include Google Drive, GitHub, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom. JumpCloud did not disclose the terms of the agreement.

Stronger together

With the technology integration already complete, the acquisition will rapidly extend the capabilities of the JumpCloud open directory platform. The combined solution will enable organisations to proactively meet emerging SaaS management, IT security, and asset management needs.

Importantly for Resmo, it will give the team access to a much wider prospect base leveraging the JumpCloud customer base. With operations in the UK and US, JumpCloud also has a much larger sales and marketing organisation.

Greg Keller, CTO, and Co-Founder of JumpCloud (Image Credit: JumpCloud)
Greg Keller, CTO, and Co-Founder of JumpCloud

Greg Keller, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer JumpCloud, commented, “For IT teams, you can’t secure what you don’t know about. Identifying all of the applications and IT resources in your organization and eliminating Shadow IT is critical to delivering secure, frictionless access to all resources.

“Resmo and its leaders have actively established an early tech advantage, spearheading innovative solutions to address these issues head-on. The company’s founders have demonstrated a proven track record of success, both in satisfying customer needs and driving the company forward with cloud-based security solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern IT.

“Integrating Resmo’s technology and the expertise of its team will enhance and simplify work for our customers, enabling them to discover unmanaged SaaS applications and IT resources, enforce secure access, and improve overall visibility across an enterprise.” 

Founders jump on board

Serhat Can, Co-Founder and CEO of Resmo, is joining JumpCloud as part of the acquisition. He will take on the role of Director, Product Management at JumpCloud. Can stated, “Everyone at Resmo is thrilled to join JumpCloud. More importantly, we are eager to alleviate the burden of disparate point solutions and SaaS app security for more customers and partners through an expanded JumpCloud platform.”

Mustafa Akin, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Resmo is joining as a Senior Manager, Engineering with a remit to no doubt deepen the integration between the two technology stacks. Akin commented, “We know this is a top priority for JumpCloud customers and for the industry at large.

“Together, JumpCloud and Resmo offer unparalleled freedom for organizations to utilize cutting-edge technology for secure, frictionless access that works seamlessly with the IT and security tools of their choice.”

JumpCloud offered employment to all of Resmo’s employees. With the two founders joining, others will likely follow. With most employees based in Turkey, this will also give JumpCloud another location and a strong engineering function.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

The acquisition is a solid step on a strategic path that JumpCloud has taken to bring asset discovery, security, and management onto a single platform. The strategy is backed by data. A recent JumpCloud survey found that 75% of IT admins prefer a single tool to perform security, asset, device, access, and identity management. Currently, they have between 5 and 10 applications to complete these tasks.

The acquisition of Resmo further extends the JumpCloud platform. Importantly, it will do so quickly because of the integrations already in place. What will be interesting is seeing how JumpCloud looks to extend the platform further. Will it be organic growth, or will they look to make acquisitions amongst other existing technology partners?


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