Eye Observability - Image by Richard Cejas from PixabayApica has formed a technology partnership with Boomi that will see its observability platform powering the observability of Boomi. Apica has created a Run-Time Observability (RTO) solution for the Boomi platform powered by its Ascent platform.

RTO will give Boomi customers visibility of their Boomi workloads and API performance. It will enable Boomi customers to proactively monitor what is happening within their Boomi integration platform. RTO monitors the Boomi runtime and underlying infrastructure, aggregating millions of signals accessing logs across containers, web servers, Atom workers and applications. RTO is also designed to plug and play with Boomi Insights, providing a different and sometimes more comprehensive view of the platform.

Customers can then use the information to improve performance and make business processes run more efficiently, creating an iterative improvement model for their integration and automation platform.

Reggie Penn, Global Head of Technology Alliances at Boomi, (image credit - LinkedIn)
Reggie Penn, Global Head of Technology Alliances at Boomi

Reggie Penn, Global Head of Technology Alliances at Boomi, commented, “This is great for Boomi customers. Our mission at Boomi is to enable intelligent integration and automation of mission-critical applications and data sources for companies that cannot afford to fail. RTO is a great addition to our Technology Partner Program, enabling our customers to enhance performance and reliability.

“Thanks to Apica, customers now have the ability to aggregate millions of signals across their landscape and proactively and intelligently respond to those signals. Customers can leverage that data to create even more value for their business. This ensures that they stay one step ahead, which is critical in today’s competitive market.”

More than an integration

The announcement is more than just an integration between the two platforms. Apica developed RTO specifically for Boomi, using a native integration to provide visibility of key metrics across the entire Boomi Landscape. It is an interesting product that sees Apica create something that Boomi might have wanted to create itself. However, Apica has the knowledge to create a powerful observability platform for Boomi.

Apica RTO for Boomi
Apica RTO for Boomi

Enterprise Times asked Apica about the native of the integration. Apica replied, “Our integration was facilitated via Boomi’s iPaaS. We’ve harnessed a blend of open standards for telemetry and log data, employing Apica’s specialized methodology to scrutinize, interpret, visualize, and enact actions based on the signals generated by Boomi runtimes and its underlying infrastructure.”

RTO includes out-of-the-box visualisations specific to the Boomi platform, with a mix of dashboards and alerts. The solution provides information around key metrics and enables organisations to quickly review, drill down into logs and perform root cause analysis of any perceived issue.

John DiStasio, VP of Channel Sales at Apica, (image credit - LinkedIn)
John DiStasio, VP of Channel Sales at Apica

John DiStasio, who recently joined Apica as part of the Circonus acquisition and is now VP of Channel Sales at Apica, commented, “RTO will take the Boomi customer experience to a new level. Navigating the complexities of modern distributed digital architecture is a challenge. With Apica monitoring, Boomi customers now have an unparalleled level of visibility into the health and performance of the full stack responsible for their critical workloads and can analyze, alert and address anomalies or issues before they impact business operations, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and performance. RTO will make the mission-critical applications of Boomi customers even more resilient.”

Pricing and availability

Enterprise Times also asked Apica about pricing and availability. The Apica pricing structure is edition-based, contingent upon factors such as the number of Boomi nodes utilized and the volume of log and trace data generated. RTO is only available to select Boomi customers. Interested Boomi customers can contact their Boomi Enterprise Solutions Manager.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

This is an interesting announcement that falls between an OEM announcement and a new product announcement. It will be interesting to see what take up the Boomi customer base has. For Apica this appears an excellent application of their technology and one that could see it used across a much wider customer base than they currently have. It also appears as though it is Boomi that will do the heavy lifting on the sales engagement rather than Apica itself.

In the long term there are several paths this announcement could lead to. Boomi could look to acquire the company to bring it in-house, but it won’t be cheap. Apica has raised $52 million in funding and is likely to be worth far more. Can Apica now leverage the expertise it has to create similar solutions for other leading iPaaS vendors?


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