Wix (Credit image/Pixabay/kalhh)Wix, a website builder platform has launched its AI Website Builder solution. Through a conversational AI chat experience, Wix users describe their intent and goals, instantly. This results in a professionally designed website, including relevant pages, business solutions such as scheduling, eCommerce, event management, and more.

Users participate in an in-depth dialogue, where they receive follow-up questions according to their answers. Once all relevant information is completed, the tailor-made site is created with a layout, theme, text, images and business solutions. Users have the ability to refine and customise the site by regenerating it or changing look, feel, structure and layout. Furthermore, users can seamlessly continue to edit their site in the Wix Editor. The websites created using the AI Website Builder are fully optimised with Wix’s reliable infrastructure, including security and performance. As well as built-in marketing, SEO, CRM & analytic tools.

Enhancing user experience

(Image Credit/Wix/Avishai Abraham)
Avishai Abrahami, Co-founder and CEO at Wix

Avishai Abrahami, CEO and Co-Founder of Wix, said, “Throughout the past years, we have developed and embedded our own proprietary Generative AI algorithms and LLMs in our products. We aim to enhance the user experience. Our latest milestone – the release of the AI Website Builder – is completely revolutionising how to build a website and bring a vision to life.

The AI Website Builder represents the first-time users can effortlessly harness such advanced AI capabilities to craft their digital presence. With a ready-to-publish website, integrated with relevant business applications, we already see reduced friction in the user experience. In addition to increased efficiencies, leading to higher conversions. With countless more advanced features in production, we’re rapidly ushering in a new era of website creation and user success.”

Wix has a long-standing relationship with AI, and Wix has consistently improved and expanded its offerings. The company says empowering users to expand their businesses and achieve success by harnessing the benefits of AI.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

This offering joins Wix’s available AI-powered features for web creation. It is expected to contribute to Wix’s ambition to maximise the potential of AI in web development. Last year was a busy year for the company. The company announced a strategic partnership with Mailchimp in addition to new integrations, including one with Buy with Prime. Wix had also launched its own native shipping solution.

The company partnered with Shippo, an eCommerce shipping platform, to provide Wix business owners with a comprehensive shipping solution. Wix also announced that it has forged a new partnership with Forter. That partnership enables Wix merchants to leverage the Forter fraud prevention solution. This solution enables transactions to verify customers seamlessly and rapidly to reduce fraudulent transactions.

So what will Wix do next? It will be interesting to see how the company navigates the composable commerce movement. On paper, Wix’s solutions appear to be designed with MACH principles. They appear to support businesses with modular and independent solutions for eCommerce and content management.

Wix says its solutions enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Will Wix join the MACH Alliance? Or will the company start extending its ecosystem, widening its network of partnerships? It will be interesting to see the direction that Wix takes in the next 18 months.



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