Landscape - Image by 9685995 from PixabayCayosoft Inc. has secured $22.5 million in its first major funding. The minority investment came from Centana Growth Partners, a growth equity fund with a global investment mandate. Cayosoft provides a leading Active Directory management tool that enables organisations to recover all Microsoft directories, on-premises AD, hybrid AD, and Azure AD. For organisations that have experienced the loss or corruption of an AD forest, they will know that it is a traumatic event.

Eric Byunn, Partner at Centana Growth Partners, commented, “Active Directory outages are a universal issue with immense financial and operational implications for businesses of every size, and the market opportunity for a truly instant recovery solution is undeniable.

“Cayosoft has developed a game-changing approach to AD management that provides an instant recovery solution for customers and aligns with our deep experience investing in identity-related solutions. Our core focus within the financial services ecosystem provides a unique vantage point into the needs of highly regulated entities and large enterprises, and it’s clear that the Cayosoft platform brings an entirely new level of speed and efficacy to AD administration and recovery.”

What do Cayosoft offer

Cayosoft solves a challenge that many organisations fear. Over 90% of organizations rely on Active Directory to run their daily operations. It is often complex to maintain, especially in organisations that constantly change organisational structures or grow rapidly.

There is also a growing risk of cyberattacks that target Active Directory. Cayosoft research estimates that AD outages have increased 172% since 2021. It is estimated that only 6% of enterprises and 16% of businesses can recover their Active Directory in under an hour. Many will take days, weeks or months to fully rebuild it.

Cayosoft has developed patent-pending technology to assist organisations in managing and recovering their AD forest.

Cayosoft Administrator delivers a single solution to automate and streamline day-to-day IT administration. With role-based delegation, rule-based automation, self-service, Microsoft 365 license optimization, and more.

Cayosoft Guardian protects and enables recovery of Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. Using a unified view, Guardian monitors all directory changes and empowers administrators to understand and roll back those changes instantly.

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery an all-in-one, instant recovery solution for all Microsoft directories, on-premises AD, hybrid AD, and Azure AD. It covers all major directory recovery scenarios, including AD object and attribute, partition, domain controller (DC), and forest recovery.

Funding for growth

With a clear focus, a clear problem to solve, and a solution to solve it, Cayosoft has been gaining momentum. Since 2017, It has grown its revenues by 480%. However, in 2023, growth accelerated with 175% year over year growth. This is a solution that people stick with, Cayosoft boasts a 99% retention over the last five years and a CSAT of 4.5 out of 5. It plans to continue growing its employee numbers in 2024, with seven open positions currently.

Robert Bobel, CEO of Cayosoft ( image credit - LinkedIn)
Robert Bobel, CEO of Cayosoft

Robert Bobel, CEO of Cayosoft, commented, “With investment to fuel growth, we can turn attention to modernizing Active Directory management, monitoring, and recovery. Organizations today are more vulnerable than ever before, and with 90% of organizations using AD, it’s time for an upgrade.

“We are investing in sales and marketing to expand our reach, as well as development to continue to seek new and creative ways to help customers secure, govern, and manage their Microsoft ecosystems.”

Cayosoft intends to use the funds for international growth and to expand its marketing operations. Interestingly, it is choosing to invest in international expansion, but its research must indicate that there is a huge opportunity out there. It will be interesting to see how it has expanded by the end of 2025 and what its customer base looks like then.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While a failure in Active Directory is a rare event, it is not unheard of. Organisations should assess the risk of such an event and consider the impact of having to recover from a failure. This is a fear that Cayosoft aims to address. The funding should help accelerate awareness of its products and ensure that the risk of failure is mitigated.

It is an interesting sector, and once Cayosoft has its patents confirmed, it will be interesting to see how it extends its product. It may also become an attractive target for some larger organisations.


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