SheerID (credit image/Pixabay/Amrulqays Maarof)SheerID a provider of identity verification for commerce has launched two new platform capabilities. The enhancements are expected to drive customer acquisition and retention for consumer brands with gated offers to high-value communities. These include GenZ, teachers and essential workers. Marketing Hub provides brands with a curated marketplace of data-driven marketing products, agency services and earned media solutions to drive awareness and accurately engage highly valued communities. DataConnectors takes the first-party data provided by consumers, verified by SheerID, and streams it into more than 400 martech solutions. These include platforms such as a brand’s BI, CRM and CDP systems for personalised marketing.

Marketing Hub

Launching gated offers for communities throughout the world is a proven strategy for attracting new customers such as students, teachers and healthcare workers. E.g. SheerID’s research has shown that when students buy through a gated offer, 90% of them share it with others. SheerID says this authentic, organic evangelism lowers acquisition costs and makes gated-offer programmes deliver a return on investment of 337%. This is according to research from Forrester Consulting.

Many businesses need help promoting their offers to specific communities. Rather than limiting a brand’s reach and awareness to consumers who sign up for closed, affiliate-based memberships. Marketing Hub allows brands to leverage best-in-class providers that provide more reach and expertise to communicate with these unique audiences.

Marketing Hub provides access to:

  • Specialised Agency Packages. SheerID has formed strategic partnerships with Refuel Agency and The Campus Agency to create turn-key, results-oriented packages. These packages provide brands with options for full-service digital and social marketing campaigns. Additionally, branded content and video to students, teachers, military veterans, and military service members. Both Refuel and The Campus Agency have led successful campaigns for Spotify, Adobe, T-Mobile and market-leading brands attracting consumer communities.
(credit image/LinkedIn/Liz Carmo)
Liz Carmo, SVP of Refuel Agency

Liz Carmo, SVP of Refuel Agency, explained, “Our partnership with SheerID enables brands to reach key audiences. This includes the military, first responders, students and teachers. We are thrilled to offer compelling custom marketing packages designed to pair expertly with SheerID’s verification platform and boost brands’ campaigns authentically and with measurable results.”

  • Data-driven Marketing. SheerID has partnered with data partners to provide opt-in consumer data lists that can be used for omnichannel campaigns. The channels include email, social media, direct mail and ad platforms. Currently, audience targeting lists are available in the US for college students and the military. They can be tailored to fit a brand’s ideal customer profile.
  • Earned Media Best Practices. As a SheerID customer, brands get access to the best resources and proven practices that accelerate the deployment of gated offers. These have been curated by SheerID’s 10+ years of experience designing and managing gated offers for brands and include webinars, marketplaces, media opportunities, and more.


DataConnectors in the SheerID platform help marketers instantly streaming opt-in, verified customer data to over 400 marketing solutions. This includes tech stacks such as Salesforce, Adobe, AWS, and many others. SheerID research suggests that 81% of consumers indicated their most meaningful attribute for future communication is their life stage or community. DataConnectors enable marketers to easily add this valuable first-party data to a customer profile for personalised messaging. It can be connected directly to reporting systems like Tableau and Google Analytics as well as engagement platforms like Marketo, Braze and Hubspot.

Incomplete solutions, data silos, and cookie deprecation have severely impacted marketers’ abilities to build trusted, tight-knit relationships with their customers,” said Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID. “Gated offers powered by SheerID have proven to be an effective way to invite consumers to engage with a brand. Leaders have seen tremendous results. Now with Marketing Hub and DataConnectors, we enable them to double-down on their Gated Offer programmes to acquire consumers. This will entail best-in-class community marketing providers and instant data streaming through a brand’s tech stack. Enterprises will be able to truly scale their programmes and build long-term value.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses.

Collecting high-quality, first-party data that can be easily used for remarketing and engagement is an ongoing marketing challenge for all businesses. Marketing data can be generated from the customer services team, from advertising and marketing departments and from the sales floor. Often data is stuck in a third-party marketing platform or data silo. Hence, the attractiveness to brands of single solutions with identity-based audiences. Launching gated offers for specific target audiences can be an effective method for attracting new customers.

As a result, these solutions verify eligibility to gated offers, streaming data throughout their martech stack for deeper personalised marketing. This explains SheerID’s decision to expand its identity verification platform to more than 400+ martech solutions.


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