Construction (Credit image/Pixabay/ bridgesward)IRIS Software Group has announced that it has launched a new SuiteApp for the NetSuite ERP platform. Staffology CIS Payroll for NetSuite has achieved “Built for NetSuite” status. It is a hybrid SuiteApp. Which means the Payroll solutions integrate seamlessly with the NetSuite platform, but it does not reside within it.

The new application will provide NetSuite users with a secure, modern, cloud-based payroll software solution. That also ensures compliance with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). The solution is available for any UK business of any size. The CIS functionality ensures that it will also meet the needs of the construction industry or other sectors. Such as warehousing and distribution, that use subcontractors.

Stephanie Coward, Managing Director of Human Capital Management at IRIS - image credit: LinkedIn
Stephanie Coward, Managing Director of Human Capital Management at IRIS

Stephanie Coward, Managing Director of Human Capital Management at IRIS said, “Businesses are looking for cloud-based payroll that’s built for a digital-first world, which ensures compliance with ever-changing legislation, that offers flexibility as payroll demands fluctuate. One in every six UK employees is paid via IRIS software or managed payroll services, and Staffology is our next-generation payroll platform.

“The Staffology SuiteApp combines our people management expertise with the power of NetSuite’s integrated business system to empower businesses to maintain control over payroll and respond to the needs of their employees.”

Staffology CIS Payroll for NetSuite

While the Staffology solution from IRIS Software consists of a full HR and Payroll solution. Offering position management, expenses, training, timesheets, legal, performance recruitment and rota capabilities, the SuiteApp appears dedicated to CIS. It supports the following features:

  • Automation of CIS verifications to HMRC
  • Management of VAT where subcontractors are VAT-registered
  • Automatically creates a CIS300 and updates it during the month, with users able to submit at the end of the month to HMRC
  • Automatic creation of statements to contractors where a deduction is made
Guido Haarmans Senior Vice President Business Development - Technology Partners at Netsuite (Source: LinkedIn)
Guido Haarmans Senior Vice President Business Development – Technology Partners at Netsuite

The Suiteapp extends the ability of NetSuite to become one of the few solutions to offer fully construction-compliant payroll for the UK market.

Guido Haarmans, Senior Vice President, SuiteCloud Developer Network and Partner Programs, Oracle NetSuite, commented, “In the construction industry, payroll management is complex and must account for variables including unique project contracts, local labour laws and tax requirements, and subcontractor agreements. An integrated cloud business system helps manage these processes and ensure employees are paid accurately, and projects are completed on time. This new SuiteApp extends our robust solution for human capital management and helps NetSuite customers reduce payroll processing times and streamline reporting.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

What is interesting is that IRIS feel that there is a market for NetSuite in construction. Historically, NetSuite left construction to Oracle. However, despite NetSuite not listing construction as an active industry, it does have the functionality to support it. In the US, RSM has a focus on NetSuite for Construction. NetSuite itself offers advice on how construction firms can leverage their job costing, profitability and retainage capabilities. The announcement that Staffology now integrates and supports NetSuite breaks down one more barrier to its adoption in the UK.

The announcement may be good news for ProScope. The NetSuite native Suiteapp was developed for the construction industry, and does not currently have a Payroll solution. NetSuite partner Cooper Software developed Proscope, and this Staffology addition may help both organisations increase their footprint in the construction industry.


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