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In collaboration with Getty ImagesRootstock Software has beaten off competition from Oracle NetSuite, Infor, SAP, and Acumatica to win an ERP contract for Trace Medical. Trace Medical is a leading provider of ventilation rentals and sales to medical and hospice facilities. It also offers other medical equipment to the same market.

Trace Medical operates in the B2B healthcare market, offering the rental of medical equipment to medical facilities. Rental of medical equipment by those facilities makes sense as Trace Medical offers a full-service solution. It means that certifications, repairs and routine maintenance are the responsibility of Trace Medical and eliminate a headache for those facilities.

Trace Medical is the leading company in the US for renting ventilation equipment. It also has a Federal contract to supply its products and services to beneficiaries of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and Indian Health Services. Its inventory enables it to meet the needs of medical facilities quickly should they experience high demand and removes the need for huge CapEx expenses by those facilities.

Trace Medical needed to improve operational excellence, notably around asset management and maintenance. The firm considered several other options, but in the end, it decided to select Rootstock on December 23rd. One of the main reasons was that it was on the Salesforce platform. The company has been using Salesforce Sales Cloud since 2019.

Dallas Johnson, CTO and VP of Operations at Trace Medical. “Selecting Rootstock ERP is a pivotal step in further harnessing the Salesforce Platform to streamline our operations. Using Rootstock will enable us to better manage our fleet, optimize repair center operations, and enhance our rental management capabilities, all while maintaining our focus on our customers and providing a superior level of service.”

The implementation will be carried out in combination with Rootstock Professional Services and Praxis. Praxis are a Salesforce and Rootstock partner.

Why Rootstock?

Joe Massa, Chief Revenue Officer of Rootstock, Image from LinkedIn
Joe Massa, Chief Revenue Officer of Rootstock Software

This was the question that Enterprise Times asked Joe Massa, Chief Revenue Officer at Rootstock. Massa noted that Rootstock being on the Salesforce platform was a huge advantage. Trace Medical wanted a truly integration technology stack rather than the disconnected solutions it had before. Sales Cloud, Rootstock, Avalara and Bringg were all part of the Salesforce ecosystem. When combined, Trace Medical believes that it will bring a competitive advantage.

Massa further explained that Rootstock ERP also offered the exact functionality that Trace Medical needed. For example, Rootstock’s fixed asset management capabilities will be a huge advantage in helping to manage its extensive fleet of ventilators. In addition, the rental management features were exciting to the company early in the selection process, especially since the bulk of their business is driven by ventilator rentals. Seeing a demo, Trace Medical realized that Rootstock’s rental management capabilities aligned well with its current processes.”

Deploying Rootstock has started

The project to implement Rootstock started on January 17th 2024, and Massa expects a go-live date sometime between April and June. Surprisingly, the firm is not leveraging the recently announced QuickStart methodology. However, the plan is a big-bang approach with no phases. Rootstock will roll out across both locations the company operates from, with around 50 employees in total. The contract will also enable Trace Medical to grow its user base as well.

Massa noted, Trace Medical has signed up for a user package that exceeds its employee base, allowing room for growth.”

During the project, Trace Medical will look to deploy several Rootstock modules, including:

  • Sales Order Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Rootstock Mobile
  • Financials
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Rental Management

The combination of fixed asset management and works order management will help Trace Medical manage its national fleet of equipment.

Massa explained further, saying, “Trace Medical provides critical medical equipment to healthcare facilities across the country. The company is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of its customers and their patients, and their selection of Rootstock will enable them to leverage a modern Medical Device ERP to support continued efficiency improvements and company growth.”

Johnson added, “Rootstock will support our white-glove service to customers, whether they need a handful of units or hundreds at a time. With Rootstock ERP, we’ll have the operational support to further our mission of delivering the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective medical equipment in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare market.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Rootstock ERP is a powerful ERP solution built on the Salesforce platform. This announcement demonstrates the convergence of needs for manufacturers and rental firms looking to move to a subscription-based model. Rootstock has developed aspects of its software to meet the specific needs of medical device firms, and Trace Medical clearly saw that.

While Rootstock is not using the QuickStart implementation framework, the planned timeline is still fairly rapid. It will be interesting to see what benefits the company gains once the solution is deployed.


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