Deliveroo Riders in London, Image Credit Claire Ayles - Deliveroo 2024Fivetran has revealed that Deliveroo is leveraging its data integration platform to help centralise its data from multiple sources. Deliveroo has been using Snowflake since 2016 as its data warehouse of choice. Since using the software, the data it holds in Snowflake has risen from 17TB in 2017 to 2.2PB in 2022. However ingesting that data has, at times, been challenging.

The firm realised that while it was aiming to centralise the data from disparate solutions, including multiple HR, finance, marketing and productivity tools, the ingestion process required significant effort from its delivery teams.

Deliveroo uses the data stored on Snowflake within Looker, its Business intelligence tool. Looker analyses the data and provides insights to improve its operations for three key groups: restaurant or retail partners, riders, as well as 7.4 million consumers. If, however, the data it is analysing is not up to date, the insights are not as good as they could be. The previous data ingestion processes took time for the engineering team to process.

It needed a solution that would help speed up the centralisation of that data. This meant improving the data ingestion process, which was identified as the main bottleneck. Deliveroo selected Fivetran based on the availability and suitability of its connectors, and its reliability. With the belief it would meet its current and future needs.

Guro Bakkeng Bergan, VP and GM EMEA at Fivetran
Guro Bakkeng Bergan, VP and GM EMEA at Fivetran

Guro Bakkeng Bergan, VP and GM EMEA at Fivetran, commented, “Deliveroo is a true digital pioneer, so it is an incredible endorsement of Fivetran to be selected to automate the flow of data within its organisation. What sets Deliveroo apart is that it is always striving to innovate. This desire for constant improvement places data – and data analytics – at the heart of its operations. We are thrilled to be playing a part in Deliveroo’s journey to become a truly data-driven enterprise.”

Fivetran makes a real difference

It is sometimes surprising when analysing IPaaS vendors which integrations they already have and which are absent. Also, possibly more importantly, the richness of those connectors. One of the key integrations was with AppsFlyer. This is an application that tracks the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and other critical initiatives. That data, combined with other information, delivers the Deliveroo team with accurate and up-to-date information on marketing performance.

Overall, leveraging the Fivetran data ingestion automation is saving the Deliveroo engineers around 100 hours every week. Not only does this save time and, therefore, labour costs, it also enables the Deliveroo team to work on uptime, availability and improvement initiatives.

For the wider business, data-driven insights and, therefore, decision-making have been accelerated. This is not just for customer-facing operations but also internal ones. Fivetran has enabled the organisation to integrate its HR and Finance solutions. This enables the company to analyse, streamline and increase the efficiency of its internal operations.

James Flaxman, Engineering Manager, Analytics Platforms, Deliveroo, commented, “One thing we appreciate about Fivetran is that engineers who aren’t necessarily specialists have been able to onboard the solution, create connectors, and get data flowing incredibly quickly. It lowers the barrier to entry for business intelligence and allows us to do a wider range of things in a slicker and more automated way. We estimate that, without Fivetran, the team would need to spend around 100 extra hours per week to do what it does now. By empowering us to work more quickly and effectively, Fivetran pays for itself.” 

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Deliveroo has been using Fivetran for a couple of years now, and it is an indication of the project’s success that Deliveroo has been willing to reveal how it improved its operations. The combination of Fivetran, Snowflake and Looker has brought together a solution that has been a success.

The trio have allowed Deliveroo to ingest, store and analyse all its data to provide up-to-date insights and enable rapid decision-making across a fast-moving business. Importantly, it has also freed up substantial time for its engineers. Data ingestion and data migration have been major challenges for many organisations over the years. The automation and connectors provided by Fivetran have enabled a continuous ingestion of data from a growing number of sources for Deliveroo.


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