Acquisition of Applearn by Nexthink Image credit has announced that it is acquiring AppLearn. The news comes as Nexthink celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Digital Employee Experience platform. The firm has over 1,200 customers across more than forty countries. With the acquisition of Applearn and its digital adoption platform, it is further extending its definition of employee experience.

Improving the employee digital experience

AppLearn Adopt enables organisations to see how employees use enterprise software. The solution helps organisations to ensure that SaaS software is adopted across the organisation. It surfaces the user journey and identifies training needs or where employees stop using the solution. Adopt analyses use and presents the analytics in a rich visual format for leaders to delve into, providing insights and potential actions for organisations to take.

Pedro Bados CEO President and Co-founder of Nexthink
Pedro Bados CEO President and Co-founder of Nexthink

The Adopt application works with software from vendors such as Corehr, Cornerstone, Coupa, Lumesse, MetricStream, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, UKG, Veeva and Workday. AppLearn will strengthen the Application Experience portfolio of Nexthink. Nexthink will integrate the AppLearn real time guidance capabilities into its end-to-end visibility, AI-driven automation capabilities, and user sentiment analysis. It will provide IT teams with better visibility, control and the tools to improve adoption.

Pedro Bados, Co-founder and CEO of Nexthink, commented, “Nexthink’s vision has consistently aimed to empower IT with full control over the digital employee experience. While maintaining an incident-free infrastructure is pivotal for employee productivity and satisfaction, the additional capacity to help employees learn, adapt, and extract the utmost value from their applications represents the crucial last mile of the digital experience.”

Andrew Avanessian, CEO of AppLearn, commented, “I’m incredibly proud of everything we have achieved at AppLearn. After identifying a market need for improved digital experiences, we’ve taken what was a family-run services business and transformed it into a pioneering digital adoption product leader that significantly improves the way people work with enterprise software. Combining two category leaders allows us to bring to market an end-to-end DEX solution designed to eliminate digital friction and drive ROI from software investments.”

The deal

Details of the deal were not disclosed. However, AppLearn’s last funding round was in 2019, when K1 Investment led a $25 million venture round. In 2022, it raised further funds in a debt funding round that delivered an 8 figure investment in a revolving lending facility from Silicon Valley Bank and Maven Equity Finance.

While it is not clear whether the leadership will continue at AppLearn, one change has already happened. Andrew Barlow, Co-founder and former Director of Product Strategy, has resigned as a board member. He left his executive role in 2019 to found Chatloop.

The deal will presumably see the existence of K1, and it will be interesting to see how it updates its Applearn reference. How successful was this exit for the investment firm?

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Like many scaling-up UK companies, AppLearn has completed its journey in an acquisition. It is undoubtedly a successful exit for the AppLearn teams. It will provide a better market reach for the firm that has already expanded into the US and now joins the Swiss headquartered firm to further extend the employee experience platform. For Nexthink, this will also bring it access to more customers including the likes of Cushman and Wakefield, Kings Colege London, and Electrolux.

There is little mention of any timescale around integration either of the technology or the organisations but expect further updates.


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