Yottaa (credit image/Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio)Yottaa a cloud platform for accelerating and securing digital commerce experiences announced the availability of its newest innovation, “Cache Experience”. This new solution capability enables online brands to redefine the online shopping journey by unleashing “instant” shopping experiences through Yottaa’s advanced page prefetch technology.

Cache Experience: Accelerating the digital shopping journey

Yottaa’s Cache Experience is designed to improve the performance of eCommerce sites by preloading pages before they are requested by a shopper. Utilising advanced service worker technology, Cache Experience adds another layer of personalisation. The solution anticipates what a shopper might be interested in based on past shopping sessions. It prefetching predicted resources in the background to deliver an instant loading experience during the shopping journey. The result? Lightning-fast page loads that get shoppers instantly engaged and more likely to stay on the site and buy.

Combined with Yottaa’s proven third-party technology and image optimisation capabilities, Cache Experience helps brands to accelerate the entire shopping journey. From initial discovery all the way through checkout. Yottaa suggests this results in better digital experiences, lower bounces, and higher conversions.

Key benefits of cache experience

  • Faster Digital Experiences: By prefetching pages, customers enjoy near-instantaneous page loads, reducing wait times and enhancing overall shopping satisfaction.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: Faster page loads have a direct correlation with conversion rates. Research indicates that even a one-second faster site results in a 7% conversion lift.
  • Increased Revenue per Session (RPS): Site speed is a key driver of RPS. With Cache Experience, eCommerce sites can expect an uptick in RPS. Industry experts say a fast, seamless experience encourages more browsing, higher engagement, and increased purchases.
  • Optimised Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Marketing campaigns driving traffic to websites will see enhanced effectiveness through Cache Experience. Faster page loads lead to improved customer journeys, reducing bounce rates and maximising the impact of ad spend.
  • Better SEO rankings: Both Google and shoppers love fast site speed. Through its prefetching and caching capabilities, Cache Experience will help give an SEO boost to organic traffic rankings. Furthermore, it attracts more qualified shoppers.
  • Improved Google Lighthouse and Core Web Vital Scores: Through Cache Experience, Yottaa customers have seen improved Lighthouse score improvements. Additionally 10% to 25% improvement in Core Web Vitals scores, such as Largest Contentful Paint and First Contentful Paint.
  • Scalability and Reliability: Built on Yottaa’s robust infrastructure, Cache Experience is designed to scale with your business needs. It ensures consistent performance even during peak traffic periods.

Key Features of Cache Experience

  • Smart Prefetch – Utilises site information to prefetch the top visited pages to speed up performance.
  • Journey Caching – Keeps all user-navigated pages up to date in cache and updates them as visitors interacts with the site.
  • Cache Management – The ability to trigger when cache refreshes should occur via convenient APIs and portals.
  • Cart Readiness – Keeps cart pages updated so they are always fresh and can be instantly presented. Cart pages are one of the most important pages but often also the slowest.
(credit image/LinkedIn/Darin Archer)
Darin Archer, Chief Product Officer of Yottaa.

Our data and external studies have consistently shown that web page performance is a critical factor in online retail success. Especially on mobile phones which is where we see almost three-quarters of our customers’ traffic,” said Darin Archer, Chief Product Officer of Yottaa. “With the launch of Cache Experience, Yottaa reaffirms its commitment to advancing the frontier of eCommerce technology. It enables brands to accelerate the entire digital shopper journey. As a result, shoppers get more engaging online experiences and brands experience higher conversions.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

Retailers, brands and online merchants experienced record-level online traffic during the recent holiday season. As a result, enterprises now find themselves with numerous challenges across their eCommerce eco-systems. With lower traffic levels, digital marketing teams need to drive more shoppers to the site, which is very expensive. At the same time, these brands are seeing conversion rates drop.

Additionally, their eCommerce teams are required to find new tools to convert browsers to buyers once they are onsite. Hence Yottaa launching its Cache Experience solution. Its new prefetching capabilities are expected to support retailers and brands to enhance shopping experiences for faster shopper engagement. Yottaa say this will lead to higher conversions. While this all sounds good in theory, solid customer journeys across all digital touchpoints remains essential for brands and retailers.


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