transformation image credit pixabay/geraltCData, a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions, has published “Data Connectivity: The Missing Link for IT.” The report is based on findings from a survey of 550 full-time Operations (Ops) and IT decision-makers in organizations with over 200 employees. What is less clear is the industries or countries the respondents came from. The report looks at the state of data connectivity within organisations today.

The Authors highlight that organisations are less data-driven and are still more data-loaded. The authors highlight three key takeaways from the report.

  • Data requests overburden IT teams, who struggle to provide insights for meaningful business improvement. 68% of IT workers feel overwhelmed by the number of technical resources that are required to access the data they need to work.
  • Security hinders as much as it protects, creating silos of information. The top challenge facing IT employees trying to share relevant data is security controls (61%).
  • Ops decision-makers often ignore vital data that is harder to access, thereby impacting business operations, decision-making, and outcomes. 68% of respondents acknowledged disregarding data inputs, 49% because they could not access the information quickly.
Amit Sharma, CData Co-founder and CEO
Amit Sharma, CData Co-founder and CEO

Amit Sharma, CData Co-founder and CEO, commented, “IT is challenged to keep up with increasing demand for timely data access while also ensuring the security and governance of that data. Flexible, secure data connectivity solutions ease the burden on IT and provide employees with the data they need to make impactful decisions for their business.”

What is in the report

The seventeen-page report is a light read, after an introduction and the key takeaways, it is divided into three sections. The conclusion offers insights into the direct and indirect benefits that cloud-based data visualisation solutions can provide as part of an IT department’s data management strategy.

Each section highlights a challenge facing IT departments. The report outlines the challenge teams are facing and then evidences that challenge with data points from the survey. Each section concludes with the IT solution that organisations can adopt, a modern cloud-based data virtualization, and describes how that tool will help solve that specific challenge.

This report clearly aligns with the alignment of the CData platform with the organisational need highlighted in the survey. However, the report does highlight some notable statistics and gives the reader a clear justification to help with a business case for acquiring the software. It could perhaps have been made stronger with some customer or analyst quotes within the IT solution section. Understanding how firms have leveraged the software to overcome the challenges would have been a valuable addition to the content.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

In summary, the challenges the IT team faces are surmountable with appropriate data connectivity. Connectivity that assists by providing a secure, compliant, yet open environment that enables employees to access all the data they need and should have access to in a frictionless way. The report findings highlight the challenges. Though one might have expected no longer exist, clearly, they do. The CData platform is one solution that offers a way out. It can help turn the data load into the fuel that will drive an organisation to success.


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