Adeva AI Talent Hub Adeva has launched its AI Talent Hub. Based in New York, Adeva is a global talent network that helps match engineers with tech companies. It aims to address the challenge that tech companies face today in locating the staff required with the right skills to build their products.

Its new AI Talent Hub aims to address the latest shortage of talent with skills in AI. This shortage was highlighted by Dr Pantelis Koutroumpis, Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change, in a recent blog. He said, “Since 2015, we observed, there has been a five-fold increase in the demand for these skills as a per cent of US jobs. While, globally, AI jobs grew nine times for Tech-AI jobs and 11.3 times for Broad-AI ones while IT sector jobs rose 3.7 times and the number of total jobs advertised grew 2.7 times.”

Katerina Trajchevska, co-founder and CEO of Adeva
Katerina Trajchevska, co-founder and CEO of Adeva

Katerina Trajchevska, co-founder and CEO of Adeva, commented, “The rapid integration of AI across various business sectors has become a crucial element of business strategies. For many organizations, the primary challenge is gaining access to high-profile AI talent. This is where our AI Talent Hub comes into play, enabling companies to get access to rigorously vetted AI Experts.”

What is the AI Talent Hub

The new AI Talent Hub draws together in a single location. With the vetted members of over 40 tech communities throughout the world with AI skills. Organisations need specialised AI talent. And what better way, Adeva claims, than to find it on its talent platform in as few as 7 days? Whether you are searching for knowledge of neural networks, computer vision and image processing, machine learning, NLP &LLM, Generative AI or another AI technology discipline.

The new hub aims to provide access to the global pool of AI experts that already exists. But is often out of sight, and neither party knows of the existence of the other. The wider Adeva network already has over 10,000 experts. These work as independent contractors and have the option to set their availability to take part in part time or full-time engagements. The expert gains access to the opportunities posted by companies and uses the compliance and payment processing elements provided by Adeva, making the engagement straightforward. Experts also become part of one of the global comunities that Adeva has created. To date, it has experts from over 40 communities and 23 moderated country communities for experts to engage in.

Both experts and organisations can join the Adeva platform for free. Companies can register directly on the platform, fill out a form to be contacted, or directly book a meeting with the Adeva tech experts. Customers of Adeva talent network already include leading global firms such as Johnson & Johnson, Hopin and Imgur. Organisations can accept contractors on a two-week trial initially. This is to ensure compatibility with their culture and requirements. These organisations benefit from the rapid sourcing of hard-to-find developers who can ensure projects are delivered on time.

Tosho Trajanov, co-founder and Head of Growth at Adeva, commented, “Our objective is to empower companies to create real-world AI solutions. Whether it’s developing software, refining ML algorithms, or tackling business challenges, the AI Talent Hub is a go-to place for companies aiming to maintain their competitive edge.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

There is a global shortage of tech talent, and Adeva’s strategic vision is to globally empower individuals and organizations. With AI skills the most needed, this initiative helps bring talent and organisations together. To move the needle on projects no matter where each party is located. Adeva has created a platform and community that enable both parties to engage effectively, delivering value for both sides.

Adeva expects to develop the talent hub further. It aims to become the go-to platform for connecting organisations with requirements to the appropriate tech talent. With a community of experts that will only grow if they see value both in sharing thoughts and a growing number of companies, Adeva has taken a step forward in the global sourcing of tech talent. It will be interesting to see how other platforms compete.


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