Mimecast has acquired Elevate Security for an undisclosed sum. Elevate will give Mimecast a deeper insight into human behaviours and risk. Elevate says that its research shows that 8% of employees are responsible for 80% of security incidents.

David Raissipour, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Mimecast (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
David Raissipour, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Mimecast

David Raissipour, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Mimecast, said, “People, communications and data are core to every organization and artificial intelligence has accelerated cyber criminals’ ability to exploit these essential elements for their own gain.

“People are historically the largest vulnerability in an organization but can also be the strongest line of defense if given the right tools and education. That’s our goal with this acquisition and core to our work – manage risk by understanding human behavior in the context of a complex environment and then acting on it.”

What does Elevate Security bring to Mimecast?

Elevate Security focuses on employee risk calling it the biggest cybersecurity gap organisations face. It has three key products that form its platform. Elevate Engage, Control and Identity.

Engage focuses on the riskiest users in an organisation. It helps those individuals to understand which of their actions is risky and the threat that poses. It then uses ‘nudges’ to correct behaviour, which it describes as “a subtle intervention or environmental change, rooted in behavioral economics and psychology, designed to influence people’s behavior or decision-making. Nudges encourage individuals to make better choices for themselves and society by gently guiding their decision-making process while preserving their freedom of choice.”

Control captures data from across the enterprise. It then pushes that data into security operations tools to help identify risks and speed triage of incidents. Part of the risk profile is to identify and score individual risk based on that data. It also assists in creating playbooks to harden security.

Identity also helps to identify human risk. It then uses that data to provide user authentication workflows based on that human risk intelligence. Those workflows can be used to approve or deny access to systems and applications.

Mimecast intends to combine the Elevate platform with its own awareness training to improve training for users and reduce risk for organisations.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Too many organisations resort to blaming employees as their biggest cybersecurity problem. They then respond by making everyone do excessive cybersecurity training or put in place programmes that deliver little to no benefit.

What this deal should do is enable Mimecast customers to identify those users whose behaviour is risky over those who make the occasional mistake. Importantly, instead of then calling them out, they can use Elevate Engage to gently guide them into better behaviours. It doesn’t embarrass the employee, and it gives them the tools to be more secure.

This is also the first acquisition by Mimecast in four years. Is this just about plugging a gap in their solution or the start of a more aggressive expansion of the business?


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