PriceSpider (credit image/Okan Caliskan)PriceSpider has launched a Global Strategic Programme, a comprehensive initiative tailored to meet the diverse needs of global brands in eCommerce. The launch of this programme is expected to provide strategic account partnerships and insights to connect retailers with customers globally. Additionally, the company announced the appointments of Florencia Schiavon and Merel Keuthe as Vice Presidents of Global Strategic Accounts.

According to Anthony Ferry, CEO at PriceSpider, “The company’s proprietary technology provides a unique set of insights. It allow clients to stay ahead of market trends, monitor their competitors, and optimize their product positioning.”

(credit image/LinkedIn/Anthony Ferry)
Anthony Ferry, CEO at PriceSpider

“These insights give our customers the opportunity to elevate their eCommerce team activities and market performance at an unprecedented scale. Ending 2023 with this launch and an expanded leadership team sets us up for continued momentum next year and beyond.

The Global Strategic programme includes a suite of account services and eCommerce solutions that cater to the diverse and changing needs of worldwide clients in the eCommerce space. From price intelligence to content optimisation, brand reputation management, and consumer insights, the program offers benefits to clients operating globally. Brands leveraging PriceSpider’s platform benefit from understanding market trends, monitoring competitors, and optimising their brand presence across relevant marketplaces. This helps them make informed business decisions.

Growing the leadership team

In addition to this launch, PriceSpider focused on growing its leadership team in 2023 by appointing Merel Kuethe and Florencia Schiavon as Vice Presidents of Global Strategic Accounts. At PriceSpider, Kuethe leads programme management and customer success within the sales department. Schiavon leads growth and expansion.

“It’s an honour to join a company with a two-decades-long history of service and support excellence,” said Kuethe. “PriceSpider consistently provides customers with industry-leading services, and the Global Strategic Program is no different. I look forward to providing an elevated level of support for our global customers as we continue to reinforce PriceSpider’s commitment to assisting clients in optimising their digital shelves.”

“PriceSpider is uniquely positioned at the forefront of innovation in the eCommerce space. Joining the team at this time is truly invigorating,” said Schiavon. “The launch of the Global Strategic Programme marks a pivotal moment in our shared mission to redefine industry standards. I am eager to contribute to this dynamic team and lead the way in shaping the future of global eCommerce.”

PriceSpider’s digital shelf analytics solutions, such as Brand Monitor and MAP Protection Prowl, monitor thousands of marketplace websites daily. The solution offers insights into search product placement, pricing and promotions, ratings and reviews, content and images. In addition to competitor share of shelf to empower brands to optimise digital shelf experiences while protecting brand integrity online. With the recent launch of a next-generation self-service shoppable solution and the promotion of Brett Banner to Senior Vice President of Strategy, PriceSpider has further strengthened its global eCommerce offerings and advisory, community, and advocacy programmes. PriceSpider’s says it solidifies the company’s position as a leader for brands looking to optimise in the evolving eCommerce landscape.

New shoppable services solution

In August last year, PriceSpider launched its shoppable services solution to support brands on the and advertising strategies. PriceSpider suggests brands can own the customer journey, and integrate shoppable media across social media channels. As a result, turning every digital touchpoint into shoppable experiences, while allowing for the optimisation of campaigns in near real-time.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses

PriceSpider continues to drive industry innovation with a focus on future acceleration. The newly launched Global Strategic Programme reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing brands worldwide with strategic insights. PriceSpider says the innovations emphasise the company’s commitment in the brand commerce space. Furthermore, the company says it holds more retailer relationships in more countries than anyone else. This will be needed in today’s eCommerce marketplace.

Today’s digital shopper is constantly in discovery mode. Online buyers are constantly researching and buying products from online adverts, influencers, emails, websites and social platforms. Therefore any tools that provide a better customer journey from discovery to the shopping cart. The launch of PriceSpider’s global strategic programme launch together with key leadership appointments, suggests PriceSpider is getting serious in the brand commerce space.


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