NIBs (credit imager/Pixabay/abdulla binmassam)Retail and eCommerce highlights last week include: Infosys has announced a 5-year collaboration with LKQ Europe, one of the leading distributors of automotive aftermarket parts for cars, commercial vans, and industrial vehicles in Europe.

PAR partners with DoorDash to create seamless ordering environment

ParTech a global restaurant technology company and operator in unified commerce for enterprise restaurants, has partnered with on-demand delivery platform DoorDash. This collaboration is dedicated to advancing the restaurant industry by improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, further expanding PAR’s ecosystem to include over 500 integrations, the largest in the industry.

In a time when dining expectations extend beyond a restaurant’s four walls, factors such as delivery speed, ordering flexibility, and the overall dining experience play crucial roles. However, these preferences present a critical challenge to the restaurant industry. This new partnership addresses the challenge head-on by seamlessly integrating DoorDash with PAR Brink POS®, a cloud-based point-of-sale software, and MENU Link, a marketplace order management solution within PAR MENU ecosystem for omnichannel ordering.

The integration of PAR’s MENU with DoorDash’s marketplace capabilities empowers enterprise restaurants by automatically processing orders through PAR Brink POS®. This provides centralized control over menu offerings, dynamic pricing for different channels, store-level information, and sales tracking. Simultaneously, restaurants can leverage the PAR partner ecosystem to consolidate tech stacks, enabling more efficient operations through a single, integrated platform.

MessageWhiz delivers business messaging and CPaaS to Google Cloud Marketplace

MessageWhiz, a leading provider of messaging services have announced that its CPaaS platform is available on Google Cloud Marketplace. These channels form the bedrock of modern customer communications and enable businesses to foster one-to-one relationships with their stakeholders.

For Google Cloud customers, MessageWhiz’s SMS, RCS and chat apps will enable them to easily create two-way conversations with their customers, send rich media messages, and secure accounts with one-time passwords. The platform helps manage all engagements, and integrates easily with leading CRMs. It empowers enterprises and SMBs to deliver omnichannel support over voice, text and chat with its carrier-grade calling and messaging platform.

Through MessageWhiz, customers can improve, monitor, and manage their voice and messaging efforts, including:

CPaaS: Communication platform as a Service digitally transforms the call center to the cloud, enabling businesses to easily scale call center activities over a carrier-grade voice network

Messaging: Reaching customers over SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and other channels with rich communication options that include images, video, interactive buttons, file sharing and payment options.

Music Retailers can sell with Reverb using ChannelEngine

ChannelEngine, a leading eCommerce marketplace integrator connects brands and online retailers with the largest online music marketplace, Reverb, dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments.

By focusing on inspiring content, price transparency, musician-focused ecommerce tools, a music-savvy customer service team, and more, Reverb has created an online destination where the global music community can connect over music gear.

Niche marketplaces show promise with a projected growth trajectory, especially within the broader landscape of ecommerce trends. The rising trend of increased specialization characterizes niche marketplaces, catering specifically to industries, products, or services. This approach fosters a more customized and concentrated experience for buyers and sellers alike, contributing to the overall growth dynamics within the evolving e-commerce sector.

Retailers can start selling with ease on Reverb with ChannelEngine. Music retailers can link systems with Reverb and multiple other marketplaces.

Retail and eCommerce news from the week beginning 18 December 2023



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