Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayOver the last two weeks there has been little news received by Enterprise Times. However, we asked some leading vendors to provide predictions for the professional services industry in 2024. Responses were received from Accelo, Asana, Certinia, Kantata, Klient, Wrike and Unit4.


Geoff McQueen, CEO of Accelo, announced the public beta release of Accelo v4. In a blog, McQueen explains the features of the new release, how to activate it, how you can provide feedback, current known feature limitations and an outline of what’s next.


Asana announced the opening of a new office location in Warsaw, Poland. This location will mark Asana’s 13th global office and sixth office within the EMEA region. New team members in Warsaw will focus on further developing strategic integrations between Asana’s platform and other enterprise tools.

Ryan Atkins, Asana’s Head of Engineering and Product Management Operations, said, “Poland is rapidly becoming a critical innovation hub within Europe, and we’re excited about the opportunity to bring Asana to this vibrant region.

“As we ramp up recruiting in Poland, our team will include customer-facing as well as research and development roles, who will be dedicated to strengthening the enterprise ecosystem that connects Asana to other leading tech tools. We’re excited to leverage a skilled talent pool in Warsaw to help us with these efforts.”


Birdview has a new OneDrive integration to Birdview’s document management capabilities. The integration complements our previously released SharePoint integration, allowing Birdview’s users to effortlessly share files across projects and activities. The integration also offers more flexibility and efficiency in managing documents and facilitating team collaboration.


Kantata released the latest update to Kantata OX. The updates include:

  • There is an update to Task Status Sets and Custom Task Statuses, giving more versatility when it comes to prioritizing and managing all your project tasks across your account.
  • Red highlighting in the project’s Resourcing tab and the Projects tab of the Resource Center now alerts a user anytime a named resource is scheduled over their daily capacity.
  • A new filter enables a user to see information for all resources, only named resources or unnamed resources in the Resourcing tab of a project and the Projects tab of the Resource Center.
  • The Tags column in the task tracker has had a UI improvement.
  • When a project snapshot is taken, resource estimated hours and task descriptions are now saved.
  • Project snapshot data is now available in Insights, allowing you to build custom dashboards and reports such as side-by-side comparisons of current project performance and the baseline, comparisons of project snapshots over time, and more.


ProjectManager announced its last release in 2023. The release has various improvements to performance and stability across the product and the public API. Such as more reliable contact forms and broader support for $expand in our Public API.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 11th December 2023




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