NIBs (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)Retail and eCommerce highlights last week include: dentsu has announced a global partnership with Meta, becoming the first global agency network solution provider for WhatsApp Business. New research from Infosys Knowledge Institute suggests US Companies are ramping up investments in generative AI (GenAI) and realising returns. European companies are also investing in generative AI (GenAI). However, they are taking a more cautious path than their North American counterparts., has launched a beta version of Cosmo AI, an artificial intelligence solution built for CPQ and Commerce. Codeless Platforms has released its Amazon Connector v1.0 providing a straightforward way of connecting Amazon Seller Central with third-party systems. has crunched Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend data and shared its findings for the UK and US markets.

Celigo automates over $1.4B in Gross Merchandise Value during BFCM 2023

Celigo, the leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for business and IT users, has announced it processed orders worth more than $1.4 billion gross market value (GMV) during the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) shopping period. Over the four-day stretch, Celigo experienced a 2.5x increase in the total volume of orders processed above the daily average while delivering 100% platform uptime to its customers.

According to the 2023 Holiday Shopping Trends Report, consumers are more price-conscious than ever before and the overwhelming majority are gravitating to online retailers that can provide better deals, personalised offers, immediate delivery, greater product availability, and reasonable returns policies. By automating tens of millions of business processes around omnichannel orders, inventory, fulfilment, returns, and customer services during BFCM, retailers drove frictionless post-purchase shopper experiences while maintaining low operating costs during times of peak order volumes.

As global retailers adapt to shifting consumer trends and strive to effectively attract and retain customers during the peak shopping period, many are positioning themselves for success by meeting shoppers where they are and providing a seamless experience. In addition to a surge in average total orders per day managed through its platform, Celigo BFCM platform data also revealed that approximately 8% of all transactions processed were in the EMEA region. Additionally, 6.5% of managed orders originated in APAC, indicating incremental increases in platform adoption outside of North America.

China’s eCommerce logistics index up in November

China’s eCommerce logistics index, an indicator of logistics operations in the eCommerce sector, stood at 113.1 points in November, up 1.2 points from a month earlier, according to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.

The sub-index tracking total business volume last month stood at 124.1 points, marking an increase of 1.7 points from October, the organisation said. It added that rural eCommerce demand also increased last month, with the sub-index tracking eCommerce logistics in such regions rising 0.9 points from October to 129.5 points.

In the first 11 months of this year, the eCommerce logistics sector has made steady progress, with significant improvement at both supply and demand sides, and the index returned to a five-year-high, the organisation said. It added that with the transformation of residents’ consumption pattern, the rise of domestic brands and the emergence of new business forms in the field of eCommerce, the upward trend is expected to continue.

DRUID and IQEQ Digital forge strategic partnership to accelerate AI transformation

DRUID, a global leader in conversational and generative AI technology for enterprise productivity, has announced a partnership with IQEQ Digital, a pioneer in AI & ML services and solutions. This collaboration integrates DRUID’s technology with IQEQ Digital’s IntellixCore platform, enhancing end-to-end AI transformation.

IQEQ Digital, a next-gen digital transformation company, is recognised for its IntellixCore Gen AI and AI & ML platform. It enhances business processes with intelligent capabilities, scalability, and seamless integration. Through this strategic alliance, both organisations are introducing specialised Bootcamps and Immersive Workshops for clients interested in Gen AI, AI & ML, and AI Conversational Agents.

The transformative partnership promotes innovative business processes and elevates customer and employee engagement through intuitive AI-driven interactions. With DRUID’s expertise and a clientele of over 175 global enterprise customers, and IQEQ Digital’s robust AI solutions, this collaboration aims to accelerate enterprise operations. The partnership facilitates the development of advanced AI applications, such as multi-device conversational agents and digital workers, leveraging IntellixCore’s xAgent patterns.

As DRUID and IQEQ Digital join forces, they invite enterprises to embark on this transformative journey, discovering first-hand the power and possibilities that AI holds for their organisations.

Econocom Group launches Gather – pioneering the evolution of audiovisual excellence

Econocom Group has launched Gather, its new European brand designed to strengthen and expand its audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology capabilities, throughout Europe and beyond. This new brand underlines Econocom’s commitment to elevate its audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology Solutions and Services in order to support their customers with excellent digital work, retail, travel and leisure spaces.

The launch of Gather is part of Econocom’s strategic plan that unfolds Econocom’s ambitions for the coming five years. Gather underlines Econocom’s commitment to redefine the audiovisual landscape, offering clients innovation, expertise, and a seamless convergence of services on a global scale; for every organization in every industry like multinationals, airports, retail chains, financial institutes, governments and stadiums.

Gather`s launch marks a significant milestone in Econocom’s ongoing commitment to excellence and its determination to shape the future of audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology solutions. The international coordination and representation of Gather will be done by Jean-Pierre Overbeek, currently the CEO of BIS|Econocom, who has an impressive track record of 25 years in the dynamic audiovisual & information technology industry.

The mission of Gather is to lead the way in the work, retail, travel and leisure space revolution by embracing a human-centric approach to technology while recognizing its broader responsibility to the environment, society, and its clients.

As one of Europe’s leading providers Gather creates intelligent audiovisual, Unified Communications and Information Technology solutions; from state-of-the-art collaboration spaces to smart digital signage, and from interactive hybrid office environments to highly secure Information Technology infrastructures; also available on an As-a-Service base, emphasizing use over possession. Enriched with smart services like interior design, fleet and life cycle management, proactive maintenance, creative services and financial engineering.

Retail and eCommerce news from the week beginning 27 November 2023



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