At BMC Connect, 2023 in London, BMC has added generative AI, low code/no code development and contextual tooling to its BMC Helix Service Management solution. It says this will help enterprise customers “strengthen their security posture and elevate ways of working.”

Margaret Lee, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Service and Operations Management at BMC (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Margaret Lee, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Service and Operations Management at BMC

Margaret Lee, senior vice president and general manager of Digital Service and Operations Management at BMC, said, “BMC Helix deeply embeds AI into IT and enterprise workflows to improve the experience and efficiency for end users.

“With these innovations across the BMC Helix Service Management solution, we continue to build upon our position as a leader in enterprise service management and AIOps all aimed at helping our customers and partners improve their business outcomes.”

What is new in BMC Helix

BMC lists six expanded capabilities of the BMC Helix Service Management solution. It now includes:

  • Resolution insights, conversational search, and engagement capabilities with generative AI – BMC HelixGPT isolates incidents and determines the steps needed to reduce the risk of business disruptions.
  • Unified workflows between security and operations teams –The BMC Helix Security Incident Handling solution strengthens the ability to prevent or respond to threats. It also delivers bi-directional integration with leading third-party SIEM security incident solutions. That ensures accelerated post-threat detection response.
  • Industry Vertical sector templates – The BMC Helix Digital Workplace Studio provides out-of-the-box templates offering modern user interfaces. These are tailored for the employee experience across several industry sectors.
  • Broader low code/no code platform capabilities – These give service teams the power to develop new applications quickly in response to user demand or the current customer environment.
  • Employee offboarding and alumni services – New capabilities in the BMC Helix for HR Service Management solution offer cross-departmental, out-of-the-box HR workflows for a more seamless employee transition experience.
  • Asset and ticket management consoles – More contextual, user-configurable experiences with single-screen visibility and simplified communication

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Service management is more than just managing support tickets. Every organisation has to deal with service management whether it be internally, with customers or with partners. What is interesting here is how BMC is evolving its service management.

The addition of Generative AI is being done carefully. In its innovation labs, it has developed key models to make this work for customers. Rather than have them build their own private AI instances, it builds a LLM for them. It then uses that customer data to fine-tune the model.

It means that the data is very focused, has fewer hallucinations and it is easier to identify and remove poor decisions. The latter is critical. BMC has a history of machine learning. It understands the challenge of data integrity for accurate models, something that is going to challenge many organisations who are rushing to build their own LLMs.

It’s also important to note that this is not just about generative AI. The addition of low code/no code and contextual tooling opens up new use cases and strengthens existing areas. Helix is also expanding to touch more parts of the business with focused solutions. It will be interesting to see where it goes next with Helix.

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