MangoApps TinyTake platformMangoApps has relaunched TinyTake. Once a screen capture & video recording software for Microsoft Windows & Mac, it has now re-emerged as a complete B2B Customer Community Management Platform. It is aimed at B2B technology companies that want to build a community with their customers.

The new platform consists of four key components: Educate, Engage, Innovate, and Capture. Each contains a mix of tools that enable organisations to build, maintain and strengthen relationships with their clients. As businesses shift towards subscription models, firms must consider how they continue engaging with clients, building loyalty, reducing churn and ensuring retention. While MangoApps describes the new platform as a customer community, it could also be described as a customer success platform, though one that is more externally focused than the more traditional ones.

Anup Kejriwal, CEO of MangoApps
Anup Kejriwal, CEO of MangoApps

Anup Kejriwal, CEO and Founder of MangoApps commented, “We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of TinyTake as a cutting-edge B2B Customer Community Management platform. At MangoApps, we and our customers have experienced first-hand the transformative impact of using TinyTake to build community.

“We are excited to share this platform with other technology companies with confidence they will reap the same benefits of enhanced engagement and deeper customer connections that have been instrumental to our success.”

What is the new TinyTake?

The new TinyTake platform is impressive in its range of tools for customer success teams to engage with their customers. Underpinning TinyTake is the internally facing technology that MangoApps has delivered to HR teams for years. Much of the functionality is replicated in an externally facing tool, with some variances and additions.


TinyTake Educate provides a comprehensive LMS and support solution for customers. Organisations can rebrand the tool, ensuring that customers get a familiar experience when dealing with the brand. The solution is underpinned by a content management system that can store a variety of documents, videos and course materials for use by customers.

The onboarding solution introduces customers to an organisation’s products, services and learning paths. Users are able to create and use preconfigured learning paths, which can lead to a certification process if required. Educate also supports a wide variety of learning styles, including a mobile learning platform.

Use cases for this solution are varied. Roberta Reffety, Content Manager at Great Harvest Bread Company, states, “The first thing we do for a new franchisee is send them directly to TinyTake by MangoApps’ LMS. This is where they’ll learn about how a bakery works and take necessary courses to prepare them for running a bakery.”

In addition, customers can analyse and optimise training programs using data-driven insights available on the platform.


TinyTake Engage does what it says: it provides the communications tools that customer success teams need to engage with their customers.

Features include:

  • Real-time chat
  • Community Workspaces, which includes gamification
  • Targeted messaging tools
  • Customer Surveys and Polls
  • Social Media tools
  • Event planning

There are also some of the more familiar customer success tools available, such as a customer advocacy application, a customer journey campaign manager and an event planner. Customer success teams can also create and distribute rewards and benefits to customers. Underpinning the category is an analytics platform that captures engagement and enables leaders to determine which initiatives are successful.


TinyTake Innovate manages the co-innovation process that is critical for customer engagement and product development. The tools supported include the solutions for the entire innovation process, from ideation through collaboration on design to a voting system that lets customers decide the best direction for an idea.


TinyTake Capture contains the original TinyTake functionality, the screen and video capture, that can feed into the LMS. The solution includes an annotation tool that enables users to supplement videos and images with explanatory text. Captures can be stored in the cloud or locally, giving a degree of flexibility. Videos can also be shared both internally and externally for comment.

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MangoApps has been clever; it has no doubt watched the emergence of customer success platforms and realised that its rich intranet functionality mapped extremely well against that. It has now developed the TinyTake solution into a customer success platform that it is taking to market. One that will allow technology providers to capture the tiny takes from every customer and build a successful program.

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