J F Rey - BLI-DBP, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia CommonsRootstock continues to expand its customer base in Europe. J.F. Rey, the independent designer and manufacturer of high-end optical and sunglass frames, has selected and will implement the Rootstock ERP solution. Founded in 1995 by Joëlle and Jean-François Rey, it was acquired in 2021 by a Franco-German trio of seasoned eyewear managers, Walter Pirinoli, Dan Levi and Ralf Kmoch.

The design approach is based on innovation and a culture of experimentation; the style of the collection is based on the combination of materials and a graphic connection to colour. It places particular importance on precision, finish and the use of innovative, durable materials.

Joe Massa, Chief Revenue Officer of Rootstock
Joe Massa, Chief Revenue Officer of Rootstock Software

Joe Massa, Chief Revenue Officer at Rootstock Software, commented, “We’re honored to be working with an innovative company like J.F. REY, who’s well-respected in the industry and highly regarded for its distinctive styles, unmatched quality, and superior service. With 4,000 active points of sale around the globe—and this number continues to grow—J.F. REY will be able to utilize our Manufacturing Cloud ERP to become more efficient in producing and delivering its products worldwide.”

The selection

J.F. Rey was previously using an on-premise ERP solution that no longer met its requirements. While it considered several solutions, the advantage that Rootstock had over others was that it is built on the Salesforce platform.

Florent McCullough, Deputy General Manager at J.F. REY, explained, “We considered several solutions, but with Rootstock, we will not only reap the benefits of an ERP built on the Salesforce Platform, but also our sales teams will have mobile, work-from-anywhere access to inventory, customer orders, production, and logistics. As they travel and meet with customers around the world, they’ll have this information at their fingertips.”

The Rootsock solution will provide the firm with flexibility that will enable it to meet the ever-evolving requirements that businesses seem to require. As part of his due diligence, McCullough spoke to two existing Rootstock manufacturing customers in France. It isn’t clear which, but one might have been Mobidiag, a Finnish-French biotechnology company.

McCullough added, “In speaking with these customers, it was clear why Rootstock is so highly regarded by manufacturers around the world, including those right here in France. All the conversations I had were extremely positive towards Rootstock, especially the company’s responsiveness and willingness to listen to customer feedback. We were also impressed by the customers’ ability to tailor Rootstock to their specific needs as European businesses.”

Another deciding factor was the relationship with Flow Line Technology, a French-based Rootstock reseller and implementation partner. Flow Line operates in several locations across France and has deep experience in the manufacturing sector and in completing digital transformations.

McCullough added, “Flow Line’s expertise and holistic approach to digital integration will be instrumental in our ability to successfully deploy Rootstock. As we get the project underway, we feel comfortable knowing the Flow Line team will be at the helm of our Rootstock Cloud ERP implementation, ensuring integration with our other systems for optimal efficiency.”

The project

J.F. Rey will deploy the Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP and impact inventory, purchasing, production, and finance. With internationalisation already available on the Rootstock platform, the company can also ensure that expanding its operations in locations where it already sells to optometrists and opticians, such as Western and Northern Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea, is straightforward. Part of the project will see users added in North America.

With a 30-year history operating out of Marseille, J.F. REY boasts an extensive product line renowned for its avant-garde designs, including features like carbon and wood associations, 3D printing, asymmetric frames, and more.

Gerard Ramuz, Head of Digital Transformation at Flow Line, commented, “Flow Line is pleased to deploy Rootstock in an international context (both in Europe and North America) with a client for whom the Salesforce Platform allows it to centralize information, as well as distribute it to both its sales teams and management sites.”

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