Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayWith Thanksgiving, last week was quiet on the news front. Aprika, the company behind Mission Control, published a customer story of how Naviant, a business process and digital transformation consultancy, deployed and is benefitting from Mission Control PSA.


Accelo published a blog that details how four organisations have transitioned to the Accelo solution.

Core IT, a managed service provider (MSP) in Vancouver, Canada, moved from ConnectWise to Accelo. In doing so, the firm improved client interaction. It also saved 50% of the help desk manager’s time with more modern and communicative ticketing practices. They also saved an additional 40 hours per month by replacing tedious administrative tasks with Accelo’s automated processes.

Cortevo Technologies is an educational technology consulting firm in Tampa, Florida, using a mix of technology, including, Asana, QuickBooks and Harvest. Founder Casey Muse considered moving to BigTime but selected Accelo to pull “everything together into a single pane of glass.” Using Accelo, the team spends less time on ticketing, retainer management and invoicing. It has also benefitted from Accelo’s robust automation and revenue forecasting.

GIANT Creative, a marketing agency in London, Ontario, moved from following frustration with the implementation. Accelo was implemented quickly and helped the firm with the recovery of billable time the agency spent on ad-hoc work. The firm has also cut back on inefficient internal communication by 18%. They have aslo revamped how they price and package their solutions.

The Impact Institute has replaced Asana and WorkflowMax with Asana. Enabling a smoother handoff between sales and projects. It has experienced better visibility between the two branches of the business.


Klient has released the latest version of its PSA software, 48.8. The release includes several enhancements, including revamped Team management features, improvements to the Resource Planner and Onboarding Wizard, an all-new Manual scheduling mode, and the general availability of a new Invoice PDF Preview page.

The Team management improvements include better synchronization between the Team and Project Resource Team objects to simplify team management. Users can now assign a team of resources to a project rather than an individual. Klient will automatically create Task Assignments for all the active Project Resources in the team.

There is a new Add Task Assignment option within the Resource planner, enabling tasks to be assigned directly. A new manual scheduling mode enables resource managers to have more granular control of tasks and assignments, switching off some of the automated features.

Previously in beta the PDF preview page presents an HTML version of the Invoice. This allows you to review its content before generating the Invoice PDF.

For new users, the onboarding wizard has several new features and usability improvements. These include more granular control of how billing types and billing methods are assigned. Installers can determine which roles they want active in their instance and also have the option to determine which rate cards they want active on day one.

The update also includes several bug fixes.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 13th November 2023




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