Brightpearl (credit image/Brightpearl)Retail group Wisdom and Effort has chosen Brightpearl by Sage to automate, streamline and simplify its complex operations. Wisdom and Effort are part of the Ellis Brigham Group and operates alongside Outsiders Store. With Brightpearl by Sage, Wisdom & Effort has access to a flexible retail operating system (ROS). The platform features an Automation Engine, and market-leading demand forecasting. In addition, it contains a huge library of Plug & Play integrations, including the group’s Shopify-powered web stores.

Founded in 2017 by Rob Brigham and Fred Royle to fill a ‘modern outdoor’ gap in the market, Wisdom & Effort is the UK’s wholesale and retail team behind a number of outdoor and lifestyle clothing brands. These include brands such as Gramicci, Elmer Gloves, Chaco, KAVU and RMBLR. As well as operating alongside Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports and Outsiders Store.

Wisdom & Effort specifically selected Brightpearl by Sage to support a major expansion into direct-to-consumer and distribution channels. It needed a scalable, cloud-based system that would transform order processing and inventory management. Furthermore, it needed to be reliable, customisable reporting across all aspects of the business, including financials.

Mitigating operational weakness

Justin Press, VP of Customer Success at Brightpearl
Justin Press, VP of Customer Success at Brightpearl

In the last three years we have seen exponential growth across both wholesale and retail channels,” said Co-Founder Rob Brigham. “Rather than running multiple systems and stock holdings we used Brightpearl to run both D2C websites and stores, alongside our existing wholesale business. The fact we can move seamlessly between the areas of our operation saves time and money whilst maximising sell through.”

Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, said, “Retailers that are focused on rapid growth and expansion simply can’t afford to have operational weakness. They need a robust, agile ROS, and Brightpearl by Sage ticks every box.

Brightpearl says its platform will automate the company’s operations, intelligently plan inventory and make Wisdom & Effort investments go further.

Our world-class Shopify integration means Wisdom & Sage can seamlessly connect its webstores to a central source of truth with a trusted combination of tech. Thanks to our built-for-retail tools, including demand forecasting and advanced reporting, Wisdom & Effort is now on the path to reaching its full potential.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

With an economic slowdown, global tensions and challenging supply chain issue, the management of inventory has never been more important. Wavering consumer demand and rising costs mean it is a tough time to be in retail. But it doesn’t have to be.

Managing inventory has always been a major challenge for any retailer, irrespective of size or sector. Having good visibility of the stock available for sale is the difference between business success and growth, and failure. As a result, retailers such as Wisdom & Effort will always choose Brightpearl’s retail software, to support this particular endeavour. Brightpearl gives Wisdom & Effort the ability to properly plan its inventory. This eliminates the risk of cash flow killers like excess stock and stockouts. Many of the tedious manual workflows that slowed the business down, especially order processing, can now be automated. Advanced reporting functionality will give the retail group increased visibility and control from one central hub. Out of the chaos, opportunities always emerge. So hopefully, Brightpearl retail tools will enable Wisdom & Effort, not only survive, but thrive during these troubling retail times.


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