NetSuite (credit image/Pixabay/PhotoMIX-Company)NetSuite has been successful in winning contracts across its portfolio of products in several sectors and industries. At SuiteWorld 2023, Jeff Hampton, Senior Manager, Reporting & Analytics at Terlato Wine Group, and NetSuite founder and EVP Evan Goldberg shared the stage. Hampton spoke about the success the wine and spirit importer achieved, improving its business visibility, productivity and driving growth.

The company implemented NetSuite Planning and Budgeting and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse. The aim was to increase the speed and accuracy of its financial processes, improve business visibility, and enhance decision-making.

Tapping into sales trends

Terlato had significantly expanded its operations through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. Terlato imports and distributes more than 85 brands of wine and spirits from over a dozen countries. It also operates three wineries in the US.

The company expanded its operations to serve restaurants, event venues, supermarkets, stores, and consumers through online sales channels. However, Terlato’s existing business systems struggled to keep up.

As our product portfolio continued to expand, we knew manual processes like spreadsheets were not sustainable,” said Kevin O’Toole, chief technology officer, Terlato Wine Group.

With NetSuite, we have been able to increase productivity and operational visibility by integrating our business processes and automating thousands of records. By providing a complete business suite that is always up to date, NetSuite has been a game changer. It is now providing the strategic insights and new features we need to stay nimble as we grow.”

Terlato has been able to integrate and automate workflows to save time, reduce errors, and improve visibility across its operations. For example, more than 85% of Terlato’s sales are now automatically recorded in NetSuite. It has enabled Terlato to save a significant amount of time.

In addition, NetSuite Planning and Budgeting has helped Terlato streamline financial and demand planning across its 30 subsidiaries. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse consolidates all Terlato’s data and provides daily automated reports. This helps Terlato better understand sales trends and ensure resources are allocated to key growth areas.

Stepping up to support growth

Manolo Blahnik, a luxury shoe brand, is also using Oracle NetSuite to support its mission to create high-quality products. Manolo Blahnik can take advantage of an integrated business suite to automate and consolidate financial processes. The company can enhance its inventory control and drive efficiencies as it continues to optimise its operations.

Founded in London in 1971, Manolo Blahnik has become synonymous with creative flair and has built a loyal customer base. It expanded its operations to include more than 300 points of sale and 18 flagship boutiques across the globe.

It became increasingly challenging for Manolo Blahnik to have the visibility and insights it needed into its supply chain. To support planned growth, Manolo Blahnik decided to replace its multiple systems with one integrated business management suite from NetSuite.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Wioletta Bogus)
Wioletta Bogus, chief operating officer, at Manolo Blahnik

According to Wioletta Bogus, chief operating officer, at Manolo Blahnik. “Our ethos is to optimise. We strive for excellence and believe in working proactively, whilst being solution focused.

“NetSuite aligns with this approach. Now, we have one system that enables us to manage our supply chain end-to-end. Streamlining the warehouse processes, integrate finance with our supply chain, as well as gain the insights needed to continue to increase customer satisfaction. As a result, we can prevent issues and optimise productivity across our expanding global operations.”

Manolo Blahnik has automated business processes, enhanced reporting, and increased visibility across its finance, inventory management and supply chain operations. The solution helped Manolo Blahnik gain a much-needed view across its distribution channels globally.

This has assisted in optimising stock levels by streamlining its warehousing and fulfilment processes. Providing access to the insights it needs to inform its strategic planning. Working alongside NetSuite Advanced Customer Support, Manolo Blahnik continues to refine its operations to support its global growth.

TGI Fridays’ cooking up a storm in restaurant retail

TGI Fridays is a global fast casual restaurant chain founded in New York City in 1965. The company has since grown to include more than 700 restaurants in 50+ countries. Its operations have evolved to include corporate-owned restaurants, local and international franchisees, third-party delivery partnerships, and virtual restaurants.

Its internal operations and financial processes became increasingly complex and costly to manage. To simplify processes and improve decision-making, TGI Fridays chose NetSuite as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

With NetSuite, TGI Fridays has been able to gain real-time insights into its operations. Furthermore, it has enhanced cash flow and improved decision-making by centralising its financial processes on a single cloud business suite. NetSuite has also helped TGI Fridays manage its global network of franchisees by providing support for local languages and currencies everywhere the company operates.

Jeff Moran, vice president of accounting, TGI Fridays, says, “The restaurant industry is highly competitive. That’s why we need real-time data on our business performance to respond to changing customer behaviours. We have consolidated financial processes and embraced automation. This will improve speed and accuracy of business insights as we grow. – with product offerings and locations around the globe.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

All these companies have complex business models that rely on their sales, production, supply chain, and logistics, all being tightly integrated. They have ambitions of global growth, more efficient business processes and better insights to improve the decision-making process.

Fortunately, they found success in bringing all those areas together in one suite. So, the enterprise can get a unified view of its business and access real-time insights. In today’s business environment, enterprises, irrespective of size or sector, must truly understand the needs of their customers.

These contracts demonstrate the importance of real-time data in supporting business’ ability to respond to changing customer behaviour.


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