Click Mouse Image by 422737 from PixabayRimini Street has revealed that it will continue to offer support to ClickSoftware customers beyond the December 31st deadline that Salesforce imposed. ClickSoftware users on Service Optimisation 8.3 will see an end to extended support on the 31st of December, 2023. It means the customer using the Field Service software has to decide whether to migrate to a new solution or struggle. Struggling on just became a whole lot easier with the Rimini Street announcement and reduced the business risk of the software sunsetting.

It means that customers who are still leveraging ClickSoftware with a perpetual license can continue to do so with expert support delivered by Rimini Street. Rimini Street will offer Rimini Support, Rimini Manage and Rimini Consult for ClickSoftware.

Another string to its bow

Rimini Street built its reputation by extending the life of SAP and Oracle ERP solutions for customers who were not ready to move to the cloud. That market is now slowly shrinking, and Rimini Street has already embraced supporting cloud applications such as Salesforce to bring longevity to its revenues.

It is already a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner and Salesforce MSP Partner. It claims a 4.8 rating on the Salesforce AppExchange, though this is likely to be from a small set of data, with only two reviews listed (both 5 stars) and the rest made up from project satisfaction surveys from some of the hundreds of projects it has run.

What isn’t noted in this release is whether this support is sanctioned or supported in any way by Salesforce itself. This would have lent additional credence to the support offering and perhaps helped with its adoption.

Rimini Street have responded with the following comment:

We are actively collaborating with Salesforce leadership (within their Field Services product group).  Salesforce is aware and supportive of our efforts to provide a solution to their ClickSoftware on-premise customers who are not immediately ready to migrate to the Salesforce Field Service solution. They acknowledge not every customer will migrate to Salesforce, and as the  No. 1 customer company, they are happy those customers who need application support after the deadline have a viable option.

Dave Rowe, chief product officer and EVP global transformation at Rimini Street
Dave Rowe, chief product officer and EVP global transformation at Rimini Street

David Rowe, Chief Product Officer & EVP of global transformation at Rimini Street, said, “ClickSoftware delivers world-class field service functionality, and many customers have customized, robust deployments that they would like to continue utilizing for several years. Rimini Street is pleased to build upon our partnership with Salesforce and extend our proven, award-winning support model and global capabilities to ClickSoftware licensees, ensuring they have a partner who can help stabilize and maximize their software investment for potentially years until they are ready to consider adopting Field Service in the Salesforce Service Cloud.”

While Rimini Street boasts of 50 Salesforce certifications, it omits mentioning whether its team also has ClickSoftware certifications, which may be more relevant in this case.

Rimini Street responded to this saying, “Rimini Solutions for ClickSoftware are delivered by our staff of Salesforce experts.  While we do not have current ClickSoftware certifications, our broad knowledge of Salesforce field services, Microsoft Silverlight as an application framework, and general full stack development expertise has positioned us for success in providing vendor replacement application support for ClickSoftware.”

The start of something new

For ClickSoftware customers, this is not an engagement that prolongs their decision indefinitely. The Rimini Street service is aimed at a safe transition, during which their consultants can help to evaluate other solutions in the market or migrate to Salesforce Field Service Management. The advantage is that during the support of ClickSoftware, the Rimini Street team will learn about the business and make any transition project smoother. Customers are also able to free up their internal resources to focus on the next chapter of their software roadmap.

As a certified consulting partner for Salesforce, Rimini Street’s ClickSoftware solutions provide licensees of the robust field service management system with tailored support, managed services, and professional services, and the ability to own and evaluate the future of their field services software roadmap.

What is included in the support agreement:

Rimini Support for ClickSoftware – Rimini Street will assist customers with the most common problems that ClickSoftware users experience. The engineers are dedicated to identifying the root cause of the issues and then resolving them.

Typical issues include:

  • Interoperability with applications or browsers
  • Corrupt data files
  • Performance issues
  • Security

Rimini Manage for ClickSoftware – Managed services for organizations seeking to offload the complexities of ClickSoftware management while ensuring peak performance, cost optimization and risk mitigation.

Typical examples of how the engineers can help customers include:

  • Data fix scripts
  • Modifications to database structure
  • Deployment of archived patches
  • Script debugging

The service allows organizations to reduce operational overhead, increase profitability, and redirect resources towards core business activities.

Modules supported include:

  • Click Schedule​
  • Click Mobile​
  • Click Roster​
  • CEM (Customer Engagement Module)​
  • Street-Level Routing​
  • Capacity Planning​

Rimini Consult for ClickSoftware – provides expert professional services to optimize ClickSoftware implementations and identify opportunities for strategic enhancements. Experienced consultants work closely with clients to deploy strategic improvement, streamline processes and maximize the software’s value. This service includes changes to configuration (OS, file system, network, LDAP, etc.) Rimini Street can also help with major enhancements where projects are over 160 hours.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Another Salesforce service offering by Rimini Street, one that is an interesting opportunity. What isn’t known is the number of ClickSoftware customers still using the legacy software. At the beginning of 2019, Tadvisor believed that the company had 15,400 customers. That number will have reduced significantly but could still be substantial.

This is a clever move by Rimini Street and one that it might consider for other applications. It has a wealth of expertise internally. With organisations within its customer base often using similar solutions. ClickSoftware may not be the last legacy solution it chooses to offer support for as part of a transition strategy.



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