NIBs (Image credit/Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: PeopleCert launches PRINCE2 7 to make project management method more accessible and sustainable. Xsolla, a global video game commerce company has released Headless Checkout, an advanced payment customisation feature to help game developers create a fully branded and revenue-optimised purchasing experience for their players.

A comprehensive study by has analysed the eCommerce markets across the globe. China emerges as the lead market, with a value of $779.858 billion in 2022.

Fastr to offer adaptive AI for eCommerce optimisation

Zmags is rebranding as Fastr. The name change coincides with the launch of FastrAI, Fastr Frontend’s new adaptive AI. FastrAI streamlines eCommerce experience creation in support of multivariate experimentation and fast iteration. It learns from tests, ensuring ongoing optimisation for brands.

FastrAI is built into Fastr Frontend’s powerful new user interface — the Experience Canvas. With Penpot’s open-source design collaboration platform at its foundation – a tool loved by both designers and developers, the Canvas provides robust design tools, asset and component libraries for easy brand management and creative speed, the ability to work together in real-time, and integrations to orchestrate your eCommerce technology ecosystem.

Non-developers can easily set conditions for dynamic experiences without writing code. For teams with development resources, the platform also offers easy access to create and manage the underlying integrations for complete control of your composable ecosystem.

The newly updated Fastr Frontend platform enables eCommerce leaders to deploy with enterprise-grade confidence. It ensures all AI-generated content is optimized for accessibility and SEO; is restricted to leverage brand guidelines (like typographies, colours, and logo marks) and owned content; supports Core Web Vitals (ensuring optimised design and API calls for fastest rendering) and delivers multi-language support, providing the ability to scale to as many locales as needed.

Amplience and Stylitics partner to support retailers personalised eCommerce experiences

Amplience, the AI Content company, and Stylitics, the AI-powered automated digital merchandising and styling technology, have formed a partnership. The partnership aims to deliver advanced digital outfitting tools to the world’s biggest retailers by integrating Stylitics’ AI Bundling technology into the Amplience platform.

This launch establishes Amplience as the only AI content company to offer a Content Management System (CMS) and Asset Management with fully personalised, AI-powered digital merchandising and styling.

AI Bundling, powered by Stylitics, brings automated, personalized, AI-driven styling to retailers’ digital experiences, visually inspiring customers to engage with a wider range of products, spend more time on websites and increase average order value.

AI Bundling, powered by Stylitics, brings all the capabilities of Stylitics’ automated, AI-driven visual styling expertise into Amplience’s content creation and management platform, enabling marketers and merchandisers to increase product visibility and relevance, and deliver exceptional shopping experiences.

This is done through customizable widgets built directly into content types, making it easy to build captivating, personalized shopping journeys that drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities across products and inspire shoppers to spend more and become repeat customers.

eCommerce Retailer Tuckernuck joins forces with Movable Ink to support 1:1 personalisation

Movable Ink, the AI-powered content personalisation platform, has announced its partnership with Tuckernuck, an online retail destination curated for the all-American lifestyle.

Movable Ink will play an integral role in expanding Tuckernuck’s curated customer-centric experience, delivering personalized emails at scale. With more than a decade of retail and eCommerce expertise, Movable Ink powers revenue-generating campaigns for some of the largest retailers and the world’s most innovative brands.

Movable Ink Studio scales content personalization by automatically transforming data into personalized content unique to each customer, at the moment of engagement, It enables marketers to exceed customer expectations while maximizing revenue, simplifying workflow and unlocking agility.

Earlier this year, Movable Ink rolled out several new product enhancements, including expanded Universal Data Activation capabilities and a new Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), as it continues to deliver cutting-edge data access features enabling brands to generate personalized content at scale.

Valtech launches first connector to seamlessly integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Optimizely

Global business transformation agency Valtech has developed the first connector to act as a bridge between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and leading experimentation and digital experience platform Optimizely. The connector allows businesses within B2C retail commerce to easily synchronize their products, catalogues, content, and other relevant information between the two platforms.

By integrating the connector, businesses eliminate the need for manual data transfers and ensure real-time data consistency, leading to faster time-to-market and the ability to deliver personalized e-commerce experiences to customers. The connector was born from Valtech’s work with a global fashion footwear brand. Its core benefits include:

  • Enables merchandising opportunities via the CMS by syncing the Salesforce product catalog with Optimizely
  • Gives editors a richer and more flexible digital experience management with Optimizely CMS content served through Salesforce Commerce Cloud effortlessly
  • Offers businesses the ability to personalize their engagement using real-time customer segments
  • Allows faster time-to-market

In terms of performance, the connector accelerates a typical project from start to dev completion within 60 days. Once deployed, it synchronises a typical 4,500-product catalog in 5 minutes and keeps it up to date so marketers can focus on merchandising.

Content from Optimizely to Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be loaded in milliseconds, providing a fast response to optimize performance. Real-time personalisation can also be delivered using ODP segments to the client without any performance costs.

Znode Releases B Stores to drive B2B2C eCommerce

Znode, the multi-channel B2B eCommerce platform, has launched its latest release B Stores. The release is designed to empower the middle B in B2B2C business models to create and manage stores.

Manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers can use B Stores to enable channels and grow digital sales at scale while maintaining control over customer data, product information, and more. The self-serve capabilities of Znode’s B Stores are designed to drive speed to market and scalability across a vast spectrum of B2B2C use cases, including Franchise Stores, Team Stores, White Label Stores, and more.

Carlos Manalo, co-CEO of the Chicago-based digital agency Office of Experience, says the B Stores offer valuable “out-of-the-box” eCommerce software. He says it does so in a flexible headless environment for companies that need to help their channel partners selling through an eCommerce site.

Empowering the middle B in B2B2C to create and manage stores saves time for Store Administrators and allows B Store Managers to quickly serve end customers with an optimal eCommerce experience. The result is elevated channel enablement, allowing businesses to quickly test and drive a variety of eCommerce strategies.


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