Xsolla (credit image/Pixabay)Xsolla, a global video game commerce company has released Headless Checkout, an advanced payment customisation feature to help game developers create a fully branded and revenue-optimised purchasing experience for their players. The solution is designed to ensure a compliant and secure payment flow.

Headless Checkout is part of the new version of Xsolla Pay Station, the company’s flagship product. There are multiple ways to build checkout experiences within Pay Station. Developers can choose any of the three integration options based on the needs of their business.

Xsolla says this version of Xsolla Pay Station presents diverse integration options to meet the needs of developers and businesses. This also includes the Headless Checkout. The application offers an immediate solution for developers seeking a fast and simple way to monetise their games. This option features a ready-to-use user interface and key customisation elements such as preset fonts, payment UI themes, and receipt email formats. These can be modified through the Xsolla Publisher Account, making Hosted Checkout a convenient and straightforward for quick game monetisation.

Offering a seamless user experience

Components Checkout offers a more seamless user experience for developers seeking greater customisation by embedding the UI directly into partner stores. For the ultimate in flexibility and control, Headless Checkout is the go-to choice. It provides advanced layout management and an unparalleled level of customisation. It enables developers to integrate the checkout process seamlessly into their store interfaces. API calls from Xsolla provide the necessary elements and components to create tailored payment experiences.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Chris Hewish)
Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla

Developers obtain a greater level of control over both the interface and the user experience. This control is vital for increasing player engagement, fostering loyalty, and improving conversion rates. “We’re excited to offer game developers a friction-reducing white-label payment solution. Developers can tailor specifically to the needs of their games and players,” said Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla. “Headless Checkout is the perfect solution for game developers that want to fully own and customise the payment experience. Match their branding, and seamlessly integrate everything into the design of their games.

Headless Checkout benefits include:

  • Highly customisable payment experience. Headless Checkout is a UI separate from the back-end functionality, allowing complete modification of the purchasing flow. Like Hosted Checkout and Components Checkout, it has built-in support for 700+ payment methods, and 130+ currencies, across 200+ geographies.
  • Brand consistency. Developers can customise the user interface to seamlessly match and fit into the design of their games or gaming systems. This provides a seamless experience for players and emphasises branding.
  • Complete ownership and control. Developers can run and manage their own A/B tests to determine which payment experiences lead to higher conversions and revenue.
  • Global security and compliance. As a merchant of record, Xsolla handles the complexity of global payments, taxes, and compliance.
  • Enhanced customer privacy and security. Headless Checkout has pre-built UI components to deal with sensitive payment details so that information does not have to interact with developers’ systems.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

The monetisation of games has always been a tricky challenge for games enterprises. Consumers’ buying habits around the world are often tied to the historical availability of payment methods in their respective region. Some regions adapt quickly to the availability of digital wallets and fintech apps. Consumers get used to making online payments through a digital checkout UI sooner. Other regions rely more heavily on traditional payment methods such as credit cards and may shift to online payments more gradually.

Because users around the world are continuously adapting to the changing payments landscape, discovering new users may be easier than enterprises think. Companies don’t need to expand to new markets to find them. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing the payments trends in the regions where you already operate. Then mapping the payments access and checkout experience to meet them. This partly explains the global explosion of online gaming. The games operator quickly learned the trick to map the payment options to the local market. Hence, Xsolla Pay Station’s new integration to developers who want to fully personalise and localise checkout. This is a lesson that other sectors, such as retail, have also applied to their eco-systems.

Xsolla’s new platform sounds like an innovative solution to engage with gaming users. For gaming enterprises, it’s always sensible to engage and sell to customers during their particular moment of truth. Therefore, it makes sense to offer gamers the opportunity to engage with brands. It will be interesting to see if the development has a big impact on the games industry going forward.


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