MObile Devices Mobiles Image by Dean Moriarty from PixabayTricentis has announced the addition of Virtual Mobile Grid to Tricentis Mobile. The solution takes advantage of the technology Tricentis gained when it acquired Waldo in July this year with its mobile test automation platform. The announcement follows soon after the launch of Tricentis Device Cloud. Which brought together the technology of Tricentis Testim Mobile and Tricentis Tosca Mobile.

Mav Turner, Chief Technology Officer of DevOps, Tricentis, commented, “We have been relentlessly committed to addressing all the pain points for mobile testing in a simplified, seamless way. And we believe Tricentis Mobile makes it easier to test in a complete and comprehensive way previously not possible.”

Mav Turner, Chief Technology Officer of DevOps, Tricentis
Mav Turner, Chief Technology Officer of DevOps, Tricentis

Enterprise Times asked Turner what the new Virtual Mobile Grid delivers. Turner answered, “The Virtual Mobile Grid provides iOS simulators and Android emulators in the cloud, allowing for the running of tests in parallel, and scalable, on-demand access to virtual devices. It can be used to increase application quality through testing across a wide range of device emulators and simulators, providing easy access to any needed Android or iOS device virtually, and greater test coverage for each code check-in earlier in development. 

“This allows earlier detection and resolution of bugs and flexible, cost-effective test execution. Organizations gain a simple process to set up their environments and a scalable solution that provides access to any virtual device, when needed.”

Why is the Virtual Mobile Grid different?

Turner answered, “Other solutions provide virtual device grids, but only the Tricentis Mobile virtual mobile grid provides:

  • Integration as part of an end-to-end mobile testing solution containing low-code/no-code automation and the ability to author and execute tests either locally or in the cloud using real or virtual devices.
  • Tight integration with test automation solutions, making it faster to get started out of the box.
  • A flexible combination of virtual and physical devices for integration and release testing.”

Tricentis Mobile, the complete testing solution

With this release, Tricentis has cemented its position of having one of the most completed end-to-end mobile testing solutions on the market. It will enable developers to fully test applications across Android and iOS devices with different operating systems. The solution enables them to test applications on Apple, Samsung, Google, smartphones to tablets, mobile browsers and more. Users can create mobile tests quickly and deploy them across virtual or physical devices from a single platform.

While the virtual grid feature is available from within the Testim module, Tricentis also plans to add it to Tosca Mobile in the near future. Though no date for this was given.

Turner commented, “Organizations today face immense pressure to release high-quality mobile apps faster to stay competitive. If the user experience suffers, organizations stand to lose money, reputation, and revenue. Tricentis Mobile meets this challenge by enabling businesses to provide optimal mobile experiences from anywhere and on any device. Removing manual processes, reducing maintenance costs, and achieving better test coverage improves overall application quality.”

Tricentis Mobile now enables organisations to:

  • Seamlessly test on real and virtual devices, including desktop, web, API and nearly any mobile in the cloud
  • AI-enabled neural network analytics will pinpoint mobile failures rapidly. It can also highlight optimisations for native features, performance, and platform-specific UX
  • The ability to now build and run no-code tests to identify and resolve critical UX and performance issues. It achieves this through real-time tracking of 130+ KPIs related to network, location, response time, CPU, and more
  • Author and execute mobile tests faster using a wide range of iOS simulators and Android emulators to increase user satisfaction and application performance. Powered by a no-code, SaaS-based test automation platform

Turner noted, “With the new Virtual Mobile Grid, Tricentis Mobile is now the most comprehensive mobile solution on the market. It is the only solution containing low-code test authoring, mobile test automation, and virtual and physical device grids to provide end-to-end mobile testing across Agile development and large enterprises.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Nearly every software vendor and many enterprises have mobile applications in use.  However, managing and maintaining those can be time-consuming. Tricentis Mobile enables organisations to build applications and test them thoroughly before releasing them. Improved testing means less time maintaining software, which means more time spent on innovation for customers.

With only a few months following the acquisition of Waldo, Tricentis has been impressively quick at integrating the technology into its stack. Tricentis hopes that the extra capabilities this announcement gives the Tricentis Mobile solution will turn into more sales. As organisations realise the power of its testing platform.

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