Mailchimp (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)Mailchimp has announced a strategic partnership with in addition to new integrations. This includes an integration with Buy with Prime, enhanced generative AI (genAI) and a range of SMS features, bringing marketers more tools and data. The tools are expected to better target, personalise, and automate their marketing during the holiday shopping season.

According to the survey of eCommerce professionals and consumers conducted by Edelman DxI on behalf of Mailchimp in June of 2023, two-thirds of marketers estimate that the holiday season drives between 21%-40% of their company’s annual revenue. During the 2022 Black Friday weekend, Mailchimp customers sent more than 8 billion emails.

The research suggests customers are 87% more likely to click into an email if it’s personalised to them, and 71% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that sends them personalised emails. It also indicates that marketers have a lot on their plates, and learning (and adopting) new techniques or strategies isn’t always easy. Nearly 3 in 4 marketers feel overwhelmed by all the different [personalisation] capabilities offered. The same percentage don’t have the time to explore all of those capabilities.

Partnering with Wix to help businesses grow

(credit image/LinkedIn/Kenneth Chestnut)
Kenneth Chestnut, Global Head of Ecosystem at Intuit Mailchimp

No matter the size of your business, whether you’re speaking to an audience of 15 or 150,000, delivering personalisation at scale is challenging. In one single platform, our users can manage customer engagement from attraction to purchase. They reach customers at the right place and time,” said Kenneth Chestnut, Global Head of Ecosystem at Intuit Mailchimp. “We are thrilled to announce a multi-year, strategic partnership with Wix. We aim to deliver a single source of truth for marketers and businesses. Marketers can tap into a wealth of marketing best practices when connecting their Wix accounts to Mailchimp. Getting recommendations and generated content that are built with insights derived from an international data footprint at their core.”

Mailchimp users with Wix accounts will be able to sync and organise customer data with a Mailchimp and Wix collaboration. This will help marketers using Wix to customise their campaigns based on Mailchimp’s real-time behavioural data. The company says with segmentation and customer journey tools, customers will be able to drive better engagement. In addition, use AI-powered features that automate and offer performance suggestions for strategy optimisation.

Intuit suggest its solutions combined with Wix’s platform will provide mutual users with the tools needed to manage and grow businesses. For self-creators using Wix, the integration will provide greater functionality and ease of use. Agencies using Wix Studio will benefit from offering their clients a complete email marketing suite with industry-leading marketing tools.

Strategic value

Anthony Scaglione, EVP of Global Partners at Wix, commented, “We see great strategic value in this partnership with Intuit. The positive impact it will have on our complementary users. This partnership is a true collaboration of best-of-class solutions to support the ever-changing needs of businesses and will give users more tools to grow their businesses and thrive in today’s digital landscape.

The cross-platform integration will have a gradual global rollout in the US, Canada and the UK.

Boosting conversions with Buy with Prime

The Mailchimp for Buy with Prime app is an integration that helps boost conversions and enhance merchant-customer relationships. It transfers Buy with Prime events — such as an abandoned checkout — and the shopper’s contact details to Mailchimp. This enables automated personalised checkout recovery campaigns built by Mailchimp’s Customer Journey Builder. These automations generate up to 7x more orders for users with connected stores than bulk emails. Mailchimp says customers see an average click-rate lift of 21% one week after connecting their store with Mailchimp’s eCommerce integrations.

These tools equip marketers with unsurpassed access to actionable insight for advanced opportunities to re-engage and cultivate relationships with customers. This is achieved with automated reminders or incentives that lead to complete purchase cycles.

Enabling Personalisation at scale with Generative AI

Mailchimp’s Holiday Report found more than 1 in 4 customers say they want more content that feels personalised to them. As retailers approach a holiday season, evolving consumer preferences, the purchasing power that personalisation can unlock for marketers is invaluable. Mailchimp is enabling customer personalisation with new genAI and SMS features, including advanced segmentation, automations, email build and text generation.
Intuit Assist for Mailchimp is a genAI-powered marketing assistant that helps marketers generate content. The solution deeply personalises their marketing, and optimises marketing strategy by unlocking insights from all of their customer data. Intuit Assist is currently available in beta to select customers in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, with broader global availability coming soon.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Mailchimp is generally regarded as a very successful email marketing and automation brand for small and medium. The company first made its tentative move into eCommerce two years ago. It’s really impressive that the company is embracing the importance of personalisation. Mailchimp is now providing growing businesses with digital marketing tools that fit their customer wants and needs. This is regardless of the size of their audience or the level of personalisation required to those audiences.

This customisation makes consumers feel valued and helps brands build trust with their customers, which is especially important around the holidays. More than 70% of customers feel more valued when they receive personalized emails. They have more trust in companies that send them personalised emails, according to Mailchimp’s own research, “This Holiday, It’s Personal.”


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