Snowball Perduejn, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia CommonsAutoRABIT, the Salesforce DevOps Solution vendor, has launched LearningHub. This is the latest iteration of the AutoRABIT Academy. The AutoRABIT academy will be available until November 30th, when the site will re-direct to the LearningHub. The learningHub provides a single location where users of AutoRABIT can learn, get certified, contact support and engage with the wider AutoRABIT community in a single location.

The new platform offers a clean portal that immediately grants access to several areas. However, users will need to register to access the trailhead learning area, which takes users through the first steps of using AutoRABIT. Other open areas include the community, a form to raise a support request and access to the ARM Help Center.

Cameron DeHart, Senior Product Manager of LearningHub, AutoRABIT commented, “Between our new LearningHub and GitBook approach, we’re seriously overhauling the experience of seeking knowledge at AutoRABIT. This isn’t just a step; it’s a big leap in our quality journey. It’s like we’ve flipped the switch to unleash a whole new world of possibilities for our users. We’re buzzing with excitement to see the amazing things our customers will accomplish with these super user-friendly platforms at their fingertips.”

The certification program is available through the first steps area, including a learning platform similar in design to the Salesforce Mytrailhead platform. Users can take several courses, improve their skill sets and industry knowledge, and then gain certifications to enhance their careers.

The community site provides a hub allowing users to ask and respond to questions, with administrators, presumably from AutoRABIT, able to respond to any questions. Users can search for similar questions and tag answers they favour, exchanging valuable insights about DevOps and the AutoRABIT platform.

For Salesforce users familiar with Trailhead, the experience will be similar as the platform is built using the Salesforce platform.

AutoRABIT moves to GitBook

GitBook is a modern documentation platform that allows teams to document everything from products to internal knowledge bases and APIs. As part of the migration from the Academy, AutoRABIT has restructured and reloaded its documentation into the GitBook platform.

The re-platforming enables users to browse the content in a more structured way, and the search functionality is improved. It means users can quickly find what they need without wasting time on false positives.

AutoRABIT has also made a new AI-powered assistant called “Lens” available. Lens will save users time and effort, guiding them directly to the pertinent information they need without the hassle of navigating through dense documentation.

AutoRABIT has built a platform that it intends to improve and extend over time. It aims to develop the learning platform, adding more content and learning resources. It intends to create a community dedicated to learning and sharing information about AutoRABIT.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a step change from the AutoRABIT Academy. Sensibly, what AutoRABIT has done is build a platform that should be stickier. There are more reasons for people to access the platform and go back repeatedly. As a one-stop shop for all interactions, from support requests through community, learning and certifications, users should return repetitively.

The success of communities is seen in how vibrant their activity is. In adding more features to the LearningHub, AutoRABIT will hope users revisit. AutoRABIT will hope that this becomes a rolling snowball that increases in size rather than a stone that gathers nothing.


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