Fedex (credit image/Pixabay/jp26jp)FedEx is launching a new feature aimed to improve the user experience in the final mile – delivery. Picture Proof of Delivery (PPOD) will support express residential deliveries in Europe, in cases where signatures-upon-delivery are not required. With PPOD, FedEx customers who choose the ‘no-signature-required’ delivery option may benefit from an additional service feature where applicable. It will provide them with a photo showing the exact location of their package once it is delivered to their doorstep or another safe location. The picture will be visible by tracking packages on the FedEx website and the FedEx Mobile app.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Wouter Roels)
Wouter Roels, senior vice president of Marketing & Customer Experience at FedEx Express Europe.

PPOD is a free delivery feature and will not require enrolment, an account, or login. “This enhancement is another step in our continued efforts to innovate digitally across our operations to enhance the customer experience. By providing visual confirmation once the package arrives, we’re giving extra peace of mind. Boosting consumer confidence in making future purchases. This service feature benefits consumers and supports e-tailers in fostering trust and loyalty,” said Wouter Roels, senior vice president of Marketing & Customer Experience at FedEx Express Europe.

eCommerce expected to grow

Revenue in the eCommerce market in Europe is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.31% to reach US$ 902 billion in 2027. This growth in eCommerce will lead to an increase in the number of deliveries. Furthermore, consumer expectations on eCommerce deliveries have changed, and having visibility on deliveries is an important driver of customer satisfaction. A recent survey found that 87.4% of online shoppers said that real-time order tracking made their buying experience more enjoyable. 59.3% of the respondents said real-time customer order tracking has a positive impact on their brand loyalty. Furthermore, to whether they will shop with that brand again.

In May 2023, FedEx announced a strategic collaboration with E-Shop World, providing integrated eCommerce and shipping capabilities for European-based brands looking to accelerate their growth by selling and shipping globally. The company also recently launched an upgrade to its application FedEx Ship Manager, enabling customers to synchronise their Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce webstore with FedEx Ship Manager at This upgrade allows businesses to create shipments and paperwork from their online orders with just one mouse click.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

It’s the simple ideas which are often the most effective. The idea of attaching an image of the product’s final location in the tracking process is not unique to Fedex. However, the company has rolled out a new innovative feature. FedEx says it is committed to facilitating the growth of eCommerce and helping businesses succeed in cross-border trade. The company recognises the increasing number of consumers shopping online. Consequently, the ultimate sense of assurance that comes from knowing that their package has been delivered to their address.

It is a simple, but effective idea. Expect all the other couriers to roll out similar features. Initially, aimed at residential customers in Europe, inevitably, the service will be extended to business customers.


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