© 2023 image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay Accounting Seed has unveiled its next generation financial reporting solution, Accounting Seed Financial Analytics. The new solution is build on CRM analytics and provides a flexible financial reporting solution based on the Salesforce CRM analytics platform.

Mary Ballmer, Product Director, Accounting Seed, said, “When you think about a business and when you think about financial reports, they are important. I am an accountant. So I remember when reports never had up-to-date information or did anything about it. Now, we have Salesforce recording information. What you are looking at is the ability to uncover insights that you couldn’t do in the old reporting system.”

The new application is built on the CRM analytics element of the Salesforce platform. It provides small and medium-sized businesses with an intuitive and flexible way to view their financial data. While Accounting Seed has not built industry specializations, its intent is to enable SI’s to build them.

Financial Analytics presents users with a configurable dashboard where they can quickly access P&L, balance sheet Revenue, expenses and a new ledger inquiry solution that is far faster than its traditional one. Besides the graph, users are able to drill down within the report to the transaction layer.

Ryan Sieve, chief technology officer at Accounting Seed, commented, “Through the launch of Accounting Seed Financial Analytics, we’re not just providing a new solution; we’re delivering a resource that empowers businesses with access to key metrics and interactive charts to drill down into business performance on a deeper, more impactful level.

“Accounting Seed Financial Analytics furthers our mission to help companies make faster and more accurate business decisions, and we are thrilled to offer another powerful solution on the Salesforce Platform.”

Accounting Seed matures platform

This latest announcement comes after Accounting Seed unveiled its AR Automation feature. Enterprise spoke to Sieve, who revealed that Accounts Payable is likely next on the automation roadmap.

Financial Analytics presents the data in various formats that are suited to the different examples. Finance teams can display revenue by geography, a bubble chart presenting the revenue by product, and a heat map showing sales by data. Users can then drill down into the transaction data underneath the visualisations if required.

Steve Lorenc, chief executive officer at Accounting Seed, said, “The innovations Accounting Seed brings to the market represent our team’s dedication to taking full advantage of technology to help our customers drive efficiency and growth. It’s not just about features and enhancements—it’s about providing a seamless path for businesses to navigate the challenges of today with the financial data they need to make informed decisions.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

This is a significant step forward in the development of Accounting Seed, and coming only a few weeks after the company launched the AR automation functionality, it is delivering an impressive cadence under Sieve’s tech leadership.

With this in place, Sieve believes that with the data for Financial Analytics now within the data cloud, Accounting Seed is now well-placed to embed more AI functionality into the system.


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      Not something I can fully confirm, will drop you an email. The Financial Analytics Dashboards are an additional charge so I suspect it isn’t the freemium version, I don’t have visibility of pricing details.


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