inriver (credit image/Pixabay/maxmann)inriver has launched its inriver Brand Store, a self-service digital storefront providing a centralised and secure way to distribute product information. Inriver says the solution streamlines how brands communicate with internal teams and third-party partners. inriver Brand Store eliminates time-consuming and error-prone methods. It ensures that every stakeholder has the most accurate content they need. The solution continues the company’s commitment to evolving the product information management space with its new breed of PIM.

Early adopters of the inriver Brand Store include Brunswick, Victorinox, Rockwool, Broan-NuTone. By leveraging the solution, brands can maintain full control over their critical product assets in the PIM platform. Furthermore, inriver says enterprises can add new revenue streams, and work collaboratively with third-party customers.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Choose how products are presented: single, separated, or grouped. Extensive customisation features allow customers to personalise their store, with their branding, for their consumers.
  • Populate multiple channels at once and increase efficiency by managing the status of each brand store. Optimise the information-sharing process and reduce errors, providing consistent and accurate information to all parties. This enables them to sell more efficiently, thereby increasing profitability.
  • Accelerate setup and branded output formats with templates and provide a branded customer experience. Manage how your products are presented and distributed.
  • Get insights about usage with store analytics. Inrivers says this facilitates informed decision-making with store analytics.
Stephen Kaufman, Chief Product Officer at inriver

“If brands and enterprises want to scale their businesses and accelerate their time to value successfully – and they should. They must have a reliable, secure, and fast way to share relevant product information with all their stakeholders, internal global sales teams, or external third parties,” said inriver Chief Product Officer, Stephen Kaufman. “This is essential and a non-negotiable when winning on the digital shelf. The inriver Brand Store provides this all within a highly configurable, self-service and intuitive user interface.”

Now, with inriver Brand Store, inriver’s new breed of PIM solution offers the industry’s a comprehensive distribution capability. The solution combines inriver Syndicate Plus and inriver Print, forming a single, multi-tenant SaaS solution with digital shelf analytics. These products further inriver’s industry-leading PIM capabilities. They accentuate the growing needs of new and existing customers, no matter where they are in their product journey.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Getting the right content to the right place at the right time is the major challenge for large enterprises. In fact, it’s a challenge for any modern business, irrespective of size or sector. Often, there is no central content repository for consumers to access the information they need.

Off-the-shelf software often is not effective anymore. Commerce is evolving fast, and so are the demands on business product information. Inriver’s new solution continues the company’s drive to develop a new breed of product information management, with industry-leading content distribution. The company already has one of the industry’s leading PIM, which aims to support the entire customer journey.

With more demands on product data than ever, B2B and B2C enterprises need solutions that support the entire product cycle. From sourcing, development, and content management to decommissioning, at every stage.


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