Mental Health Image by Total Shape from PixabayGrokker has launched Guides, a new addition to its corporate well-being platform. Guides is a new mental health offering that provides employees with an evidence-based, digital mental health solution.

Each Grokker Guide is a 30-day engagement run by licensed clinical psychologists around various mental health issues. Grokker hopes to build courses for cohorts that will include the following topics:

  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • workplace stress
  • relationship issues
  • parenting
  • gender identity
  • child loss
  • dealing with chronic illnesses

Each cohort will participate in a series of experiences which include:

  • Evidence-based assessments and proven techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Live video-based access to licensed psychologists and mental health experts
  • 30-day relief plan
  • The support of a cohort facing similar challenges
  • A proprietary “three-steps a day” program

Each program is designed to provide participants relief and the tools to better deal with the issue. Grokker Guides are included for existing customers, and there is no additional cost.

Lorna Borenstein, CEO and Founder of Grokker,
Lorna Borenstein, CEO and Founder of Grokker,

Lorna Borenstein, CEO and Founder of Grokker, said, “It’s a whole new way of thinking about mental health care and prevention. Until now, there’s been nothing foundational in this realm to support employees. Most people who need help don’t get it. Much of what’s currently available is expensive, clinical, confusing, and lacks accessibility. Grokker Guides helps employees acquire lifelong tools to increase resilience and provides an accessible entry point that makes it easier to take that often scary first step toward addressing mental health care before it becomes a deep clinical crisis.

“Every Grokker Guide is developed in collaboration with the expert leading it. It is not cookie-cutter, one size fits all. We are combining the expertise of mental health professionals, and evidence-based techniques like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with the sheer scale, and engagement power of video and community to drive engagement.”

Mental health continues to be an issue

Mental health in the workplace is a massive issue that was brought into the spotlight during the pandemic. The World Health Authority estimates that “15% of working-age adults were estimated to have a mental disorder in 2019. Globally, an estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety at a cost of US$ 1 trillion per year in lost productivity.”

Organisations should not ignore this. Grokker is one solution that aims to address this challenge, and its platform is available to 6 million people across over 135 countries. The platform helps organisations create a caring culture, which in turn nurtures loyalty. According to a study by Santa Barbara Actuaries, employees who use Grokker are 32% to 68% less likely to leave their employer. With “Quiet Quitting” combined with the “Great Resignation”, firms must consider how to improve the loyalty and motivation of staff across their organisation.

Despite the current cost of living crisis that might see employees not risk leaving their current employment, mental health is a challenge that has always been there and is unlikely to disappear.

The first cohort Grokker is launching, starts in September on stress and anxiety. Enterprise Times asked Nandita Verma, VP of Marketing, how the cohorts work.

Verma replied, All members who join the Guide are in the same cohort. There is no limit to the number at this time. This may be adjusted based on interest and optimal cohort size.”

When will Grokker launch the cohorts for relationship issues, parenting, gender identity, child loss, and dealing with chronic illnesses?

“We are kicking off Guides with our first two cohorts on Stress and Anxiety in September. We then will be offering cohorts in October-November on Workplace Stress for Managers and The Science and Psychology Behind Weight Loss. The schedule for additional Guides on relationship issues, parenting, gender identity, child loss and dealing with chronic illness will be released in early 2024.”

Grokker Guides are available to all

The advantage of Guides is that it is delivered digitally. This means that they are consumable in any country by anyone. However, on launch, the guides will only be available in English, which may limit the audience to a degree.

While a licensed clinical psychologist leads Grokker Guides, are they certified in every country? Verma answered this question by saying.

“Grokker Guides are available to registered Grokker Members around the globe, which currently spans more than 100 countries. Each Guide is led by a single expert for the Guide topic. In the case of our Anxiety Guide, it is led by a clinical psychologist licensed by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychological Society. Since Guides is meant to serve as a preventative tool and offer practical mental health advice, not 1:1 clinical therapy.

“Guides may not be licensed in every country Grokker members are from. For Members with severe mental health symptoms or specific mental health questions that require a clinical response, we recommend that the Member also access individualized support (e.g., via a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist) and refer them to additional mental health support options that are available through their employer’s benefits portal. Guides are available in English language only for the moment.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a welcome addition to the Grokker portfolio of solutions. MGM Resorts, GE, Seagate, Delta, Pfixer, Dominos and other multi-national companies already use its corporate wellbeing platform. Guides provide a solution that could help to help people address many of the mental health issues currently in the working environment. As yet, the Guides are unproven. It will be interesting to see how many people take up the opportunity and how positive the outcomes are. For existing customers, this provides another way of helping employees. For other enterprises, Grokker may be the solution they are looking for.


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