NIBs (Credit image/Pixabay/ PublicDomainPictures)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: ChannelEngine to Accelerate $7.4 Trillion in Global Ecommerce Volume by 2025 with Adobe Commerce. RETISIO announce its partnership with Allen Brothers Steaks, the leading supplier of USDA Prime beef and other gourmet meats.

Monetate highlights trends for Q2 2023 with product recommendations-powered emails yielding highest gains. Emma selects Metapack for shipping services in Europe – Metapack’s Delivery Manager to be implemented in DACH, UK and Italy. New capability enables organisations to connect multiple remote sources and serve content via a single Hygraph API.

ChannelEngine joins Adobe Technology Partner Program

ChannelEngine has joined the Adobe Technology Partner Program. As part of this, ChannelEngine will offer an extension with Adobe Commerce so merchants can sell to more than 700+ marketplaces globally, dramatically scaling their existing revenue opportunities while also enabling them to instantly enter new international markets.

Ecommerce sales hit $4.9 trillion in 2021, and are expected to soar to $7.4 trillion by 2025. Morgan Stanley predicts that US ecommerce could reach 31% of sales by 2026, up from 23% in 2022. It also sees parts of Southeast Asia and Latin America growing 17% and 20%, respectively, over the next five years compounding annually.

By combining ChannelEngine and Adobe’s strengths, ChannelEngine is taking a major step forward in accelerating this trend by expanding access to the e-commerce market at a time when the global economy needs new drivers of growth.

By joining the Adobe Technology Partner Program, ChannelEngine will be an official Adobe partner that merchants can leverage to grow their commerce business. They can leverage ChannelEngine’s integrations to global marketplace giants like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Zalando, and many more.

It includes being able to integrate and share data seamlessly between ChannelEngine and Adobe Commerce, increasing efficiency and accuracy. By combining their strengths, ChannelEngine is taking a major step forward in the ecommerce space, where marketplaces currently account for 55% of global online spending.

Allen Brothers Steaks accelerates eCommerce with RETISIO Commerce Cloud transition

Allen Brothers has transitioned its online commerce platform from incumbent Oracle Commerce Cloud to RETISIO Commerce in just five months, an impressive feat that underscores the agility and robustness of RETISIO’s solutions and implementation partner, AIEnterprise Inc.

The switch to RETISIO Commerce has resulted in a swift and seamless transition, delivering enhanced site performance and superior customer experiences for Allen Brothers. The new platform’s speed and agility, coupled with its powerful capabilities, align perfectly with Allen Brothers’ commitment to exceptional quality.

Allen Brothers’ transition to RETISIO Commerce marks a strategic pivot towards harnessing the power of advanced technology to bolster online sales. The switch not only guarantees a swift and dependable eCommerce platform for Allen Brothers but is also opening the door to an arsenal of potent features such as intelligent search, personalized recommendations, and precisely targeted promotions, all crafted to fuel conversions and enhance customer satisfaction.

Monetate highlights trends for Q2 2023 with product recommendations-powered emails yielding highest gains

Monetate has announced results and key accomplishments for Q2 2023. Responding to the needs of the industry, the second quarter of 2023 focused on enhancements to the company’s AI-powered product recommendations, including improved UI and reporting capabilities.

Monetate’s Global Recommendations Reporting enhancements include two additional reports to better break down and understand how various experiences and recommended products are performing at the account level for increased visibility across large and enterprise organizations.

Another release allows brands to deliver customer-relevant product recommendations in order confirmation and shipment confirmation emails to help drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities during key junctures of the post-purchase journey.

These enhancements come on the heels of original research from Monetate’s eCommerce benchmarks showing that emails sent by Monetate clients that also included product recommendations saw an increase of 45.6% in purchases when compared to this period in 2022.

Furthermore, in Q2 2023, email proved to be a solid performer with a 2.6% increase in total purchases and a 2.9% increase in conversion, compared to Q2 of 2022. Data from this same period also showed a 12.3% increase in total purchases from desktops compared to Q2 2022.

These trends indicate that when leveraged correctly, and across the right digital channels, personalised merchandising and marketing yield valuable gains for businesses.

Emma Selects Metapack for shipping services in Europe

Metapack, a leader in eCommerce delivery technology has been chosen by Emma, the world’s leading D2C sleep brand, to streamline its delivery operations in Europe. The partnership will see Metapack’s Delivery Manager solution implemented across DACH, UK and Italy, as Emma looks to automate its selection of delivery services and increase carrier coverage across key markets.

Metapack’s Delivery Manager provides Emma with easy access to its substantial carrier network, providing more delivery choices while removing the need for costly and complicated carrier onboarding processes. Leveraging Metapack’s technology, Emma can provide consumers with greater delivery contingency.

Delivery Manager gives Emma the ability to quickly generate the right labels and custom documents for shipping. This not only speeds up warehouse operations but allows Emma to offer customers the best possible experience.

Hygraph makes a major update to its federated content platform with top-level remote fields

Hygraph has announced a major update to its enterprise-grade federated content platform with the introduction of top-level remote fields. The new capability is a significant part of Hygraph’s overall federated content vision to power a many-to-many relationship between content sources and devices, as organisations look to create new digital services and business models at scale.

Hygraph’s federated content platform allows organisations to innovate faster and at lower cost, replacing tedious custom software development associated with many of today’s headless Content Management Systems (CMS). With the current proliferation of composable architecture, federated content enables enterprises to develop and run content-rich features seamlessly.

The key benefits of the new top-level remote fields capability include:

  • Simplified tech stack: all frontend applications query data from one universal Hygraph API
  • Ease of management: all backend APIs are managed in one place
  • Simplified authentication and authorisation: one API simplifies the process for authenticating and authorising frontend applications
  • Quicker application integration: low-code tools eliminate the need to write and maintain middleware code to stitch multiple systems together
  • Improved content integrity: eliminate duplicates and ensure that any changes are consistently reflected across all frontend applications using the data
  • Enhanced performance: querying content from a single API and Hygraph’s advanced caching capabilities allow for high performance content distribution.


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