Fiverr Neo, (c) 2023 FiverrFiverr has announced the latest release of its platform for medium and larger businesses, enabling organisations to better manage hiring talent. The update follows the release of Fiverr Enterprise, Fiverr Certified and the Freelancer Marketplace. It aims to bring freelancers and businesses closer together, enabling businesses to match the right talent to their projects.

The suite of solutions, Fiverr Business Solutions, now consists of Fiverr Enterprise, Fiverr Certified and the newly released Fiverr Pro and newly announced Fiverr Neo.

Micha Kaufman, Fiverr Founder and CEO
Micha Kaufman, Fiverr Founder and CEO

Micha Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Fiverr, commented, “Today, we have exciting news to share. We are doubling down on our strategic pillars, accelerating our investment in moving upmarket, and taking on the toughest technological challenges to create beautifully simple, innovative products that provide breakthrough experiences for our community.

“We have a track record of leveraging technology to crack tough challenges. We built the first Service-as-a-Product platform to reduce the time and complexity of hiring a freelancer online. Now we are tackling bigger projects, bigger businesses, and the most complex challenge of them all – quick, powerful, and effective matching.”

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is the next iteration of Fiverr Business and part of the wider suite. It enables businesses to access a curated catalogue of leading talent. The platform provides recruiters with information about each consultant, their languages, skills and experience. They are then able to contact them or set up a consultation.

The solution also allows the recruiter to create projects, build talent pools and execute engagements to bring talent onboard.

Fiverr Pro has been updated with better usability and a new white glove service. Project planning enables Fiverr training experts to source and bring onboard the required talent from the curated pool of consultants.

The configurability has been extended with new payment terms, such as Net terms payments. A simplified financial management dashboard enables better control of project finance. Users can use the dashboard to view project progress, finances and team members. They are interactive, allowing the addition of new team members as required, enabling organisations to better manage their talent pools during large projects.

Kaufman added, “The workforce has evolved, and businesses must evolve too. They need a strategy for working with freelance talent, or they will risk missing out on the best talent with the right skills to bring speed and innovation to their projects.

“With Fiverr Business Solutions, we set the ambitious goal of applying our leadership, in connecting small businesses with freelancers, to the more complex needs of bigger businesses and enterprises with this specialized suite of solutions.”

Fiverr Neo

Fiverr Neo is a new solution that aims to help organisations better manage the resourcing of projects. Using AI, the new solution provides a natural language interface that prompts users with the right questions at the right time to automate much of the work involved during recruitment. It understands the different aspects of projects to prompt the recruiter to make the right hires at the right time. It delivers a unique level of personalised experience.

For example, if the organisation wants a brand redesign, Fiverr Neo will take the users through a series of questions identifying the technical and other expertise required for the project. It will then propose a pool of the best available talent within the given criteria. Processes such as sending the project brief and setting up appointments are as automated as possible. Thus reducing manual interaction to verification.

What isn’t clear is what project paths are supported. And how users can define the different types of projects they require or whether the platform learns from previous project types.

Kaufman said, “The more choice people have, the more they struggle to choose. That is the paradox of choice for the users of any platform or marketplace, Fiverr included. That is why we are experimenting with this head-on starting with the most complex of challenges – matching.”

“Matching is more than just search and find. A successful match starts with us understanding the customer’s need, and pairing it with the right professional to ensure both the customer and the talent feel that they have enjoyed the fruits of their work together.

“Today, I am really excited to announce the launch of Fiverr Neo™ which is designed to do exactly that – introduce an all-new experience that will allow our customers to express their needs and be matched with the right solution. As impressive as we believe Neo is, it is only the first step in stretching the bounds of technology and building on Fiverr’s deep understanding of marketplaces to enrich the experience for our community.”

Fiver Neo is being rolled out today with a waiting list for interested organisations to request interest as the solution scales and becomes generally available.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Recruitment is complex. Recruiting freelancers may sometimes seem simpler, but picking the right candidates for the right project is perilous. Organisations want to ensure that onboarding time is minimal and the freelancers can deliver value from the first day.

Fiverr has enhanced its platform further with its automation and curated catalogue of talent to minimise the risk of bringing contractors on board. Fiver already works with organisations such as Similarweb, Unilever and Sprout Solutions to enhance its marketing teams with freelancers, reducing the cost of outsourcing to expensive marketing agencies. Fiverr Neo takes this a step further, effectively adding an AI bot as part of the recruitment team that can add value quickly and learn on the job to improve further.

Fiverr launches Freelancer Marketplace



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