(Credit image/Brightpearl by Sage)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: The Whisky Stock toasts to continued growth after signing up to Brightpearl by Sage to transform operations. Astrak Group selects Elastic Path to adopt a composable commerce approach provides next-level flexibility and improved customer experience. HCLTech launches next-gen digital marketing solutions on Sitecore Partner Solution Catalog and Sitecore Marketplace.

Marin Software now supports Pinterest on its ad optimisation platform. AdAdapted’s AI-powered platform delivers TPN’s CPG clients targeted ads and shoppable content that trigger one-click conversions. eCommerce growth agency Heur re-signs brands to its fashion and beauty roster.

UK whisky brand The Whisky Stock signs up to Brightpearl by Sage

Brightpearl is expected to support the Whiskey Stock with its operational infrastructure. The whisky eCommerce retailer will gain access to its range of made-for-retail features, including an automation engine and an impressive library of Plug & Play integrations. The Whisky Stock will also benefit from 360-degree insights and advanced reporting functionality, so the team can make more informed decisions concerning every department and sales channel.

The Whisky Stock is a Manchester-based business, proudly family-owned since its launch in 2021 – but with expert knowledge that comes from a decade in the whisky and distillery industry. With a strong community of whisky-loving customers, the brand sells a range of premium spirits and drams via its Shopify webstore.

The Whisky Stock was ready to uplevel its entire operations while maintaining the customer service it prides itself on. After thorough research, it considered a traditional ERP but found it didn’t have the demand planning capabilities essential to the brand’s future development.

The Whisky Stock opted for the Brightpearl retail operating system (ROS) to create a long-term, integrated infrastructure that will allow them to flexibly and sustainably scale.
Brightpearl was implemented for The Whisky Stock in just 82 days – when traditional ERPs can take up to two years to get up and running.

The benefits for the whisky merchant kicked in immediately. Time-intensive manual tasks have been solved with Brightpearl’s game-changing Automation Engine, which streamlines and automates clunky manual processes in inventory, ordering, warehouse, shipping and fulfilment so that key team members are freed up to redirect time towards growth and product development.

Astrak Group selects Elastic Path to scale its B2B and B2C offerings

Astrak Group has appointed Elastic Path to support its composable commerce approach and scale its B2B and B2C business units. The company is Europe’s leading supplier of excavator undercarriage parts, supporting dealers and resellers to expand their businesses and better serve their customers.

Astrak has a high level of product complexity with a wide range of product attributes and an array of price books to support its different business models. The dated architecture of its existing ecommerce platform was unable to manage the growing number of required product attributes and was ultimately stalling growth.

Experiencing the limitations of a legacy ecommerce platform firsthand, the company sought a highly flexible solution that would grow alongside them.

Elastic Path Product Experience Manager (PXM) gives Astrak complete freedom to design the product experiences its customers expect, without any custom hacks or expensive development workarounds. The company has also selected Elastic Path Payments to optimize its checkout across business models, channels, and touchpoints. Astrak has partnered with McKenna Consulting and is scheduled to go live later this month.

HCLTech launches next-gen digital marketing solutions on Sitecore marketplace

HCLTech, says that its digital marketing technology solutions, the Advantage Experience platform and Advantage Content Connect, are officially listed in the Sitecore Partner Solution Catalog and Sitecore Marketplace. The solutions have the capabilities to help drive transformational content operations and experiences for marketers.

Advantage Experience platform, powered by the Sitecore product stack, provides an end-to-end framework to develop digital marketing capabilities for marketers across different digital touch points. It leads to brand marketing, prospect conversion and retention. Using the platform, enterprises can fast-track platform implementation, provide seamless integration to core systems and flexibility with the choice of modern channels, and deliver MarTech platforms at scale.

Accompanying the Advantage Experience platform is Advantage Content Connect, a robust connector that aims at creating and streamlining product content or assets, and enabling catalog synchronization across Sitecore DXP, Content Hub and OrderCloud. Advantage Content Connect empowers content creators to collaborate, manage and publish content across various channels while maintaining content consistency and brand identity.

Marin Software announces new Pinterest integration

Marin Software, a leading provider of digital marketing software for performance-driven advertisers and agencies announced the ability to manage Pinterest ad campaigns through its flagship MarinOne platform. The new integration with Pinterest’s Marketing API gives advertisers better insights and helps them improve the performance of their Pinterest campaigns through machine learning and automation.

MarinOne unifies leading AI bidding, budget pacing, forecasting, performance insights, and recommendations to help advertisers maximise the reach and impact of their Pinterest marketing investment. Advanced analytical grids provide flexible, intelligent reporting within and across Pinterest campaigns in the context of the entire paid media ecosystem. This includes social, search, display, and eCommerce platforms for a comprehensive analysis of performance in one place.

With 463 million monthly active users, Pinterest provides brands the opportunity to reach engaged audiences with immersive content that inspires action. Marin has been helping advertisers advance their digital advertising campaigns for almost 15 years and has managed almost $50 billion in advertising spend across paid search, social, eCommerce, display, and app advertising.

Advertisers can optimise their Pinterest campaigns alongside other paid social campaigns–with additional paid search, eCommerce, display, and app campaigns to help drive awareness and generate demand. With MarinOne, marketers can now unify their efforts across channels to ensure they are working more seamlessly and efficiently throughout the customer journey.

TPN selects AdAdapted to drive digital conversions for its CPG Partners

AdAdapted has announced that TPN has selected the adtech solution provider to drive conversions for its CPG clients in the food and household cleaning categories. TPN chose AdAdapted to improve how its clients reach consumers during the pre-shop planning phase.

The AdAdapted platform delivers uniquely targeted ads and shoppable content on shopping apps and digital touchpoints that drive products onto consumer shopping lists and into carts. AdAdapted’s AI-powered platform targets shoppers based on previous purchase history, retargeted keywords found on shopping lists and additional data points.

Through AdAdapted’s technology, TPN clients can effectively reach and engage shoppers with personalized and targeted ads. AdAdapted uses over a petabyte of individual and aggregated list-building data to precisely target shoppers based on their specific needs and preferences. AdAdapted ensures that brands deliver personalised advertising messages at the right moment in the customer journey.

TPN validates campaign outcomes through third-party solutions, and AdAdapted supports this with results that consistently outperform industry benchmarks. AdAdapted’s patented technology includes its innovative Add-It solution that streamlines the consumer journey by shortening the path to conversion. The frictionless shoppable ads generate a near 2% click-through rate for brands, which is 11 times higher than the industry standard.

AdAdapted enables shoppers to add products directly from ads and shoppable content by seamlessly integrating with retailer-owned carts and shopping lists. It reduces click-friction, and enhances the overall shopping experience. As the two companies continue to grow their partnership, AdAdapted and TPN will look to expand beyond the food and household cleaning categories to discover new ways for brands to connect with shoppers during the pre-shop phase.

eCommerce growth agency Heur re-signs brands to fashion and beauty roster

Heur – a business growth agency specialising in direct-to-consumer eCommerce – has renewed contracts with two fashion clients: premium menswear brand Drake’s and streetwear designer NICCE.

Founded by Chris Raven and Chris Nawrocki and located in London and York, Heur works with businesses and founders both nationwide and internationally to help scale their D2C brands, offering services such as fractional leadership, holistic growth strategy, managed audits and growth mapping.

The agency has re-signed fashion client Drake’s on a growth contract that will see Heur develop Drake’s’ digital channel mix across CRM, SEO, Paid Media and CRO to steer and fuel holistic growth.

Another of Heur’s long-standing fashion clients is the streetwear brand NICCE, which has recently signed off a customer service proposition from Heur, meaning the agency will be responsible for NICCE’s eCommerce, marketing and customer service as part of their holistic offering. Heur is no stranger to the fashion vertical and has previously worked with the likes of Jaded London, The Ragged Priest, OMNES and DUKE + DEXTER.


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