Integration partnership link Image credit pixabay/KaseyaFluence Technologies has announced a new partnership with Pigment, the fast-growing, next-generation business planning software vendor. The combination of the Fluence purpose-built financial consolidation, close, and reporting software and the Pigment platform will enable organisations to improve strategic planning with a solution that addresses their FP&A, financial consolidation and close requirements.

What is this new partnership?

The inference from the press release is that there is either intent to, or the solutions already integrated. Certainly, one of the benefits is that customers will benefit from the combined functionality of Fluence Technologies and Pigments applications. The release concludes that “finance professionals can streamline their performance management processes and unlock valuable business intelligence without compromise.”

It does not indicate exactly how the solutions combine and what level of integration between the two solutions exists already. Nor whether further integration points are planned.

The partnership will also enable Finance teams to access data to “uncover strategic business levers, automate financial processes, gain deeper insights into financial performance, and make informed decisions with confidence.”

There is no mention of a joint go-to-market or other aspects of the partnership. Nor how existing joint customers can take advantage of this announcement. Nor is there mention of discounts, or a reseller agreement between the two vendors.

Fluence Technologies’ Vice President of Global Channels, Corey Bidmead, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Pigment and expand our FP&A technology ecosystem. This collaboration allows us to offer our valued customers a broader range of best-in-class solutions, empowering them to optimize their performance management processes. Together, we are revolutionizing how finance professionals leverage technology to drive strategic decision-making.”

Pigment Global Head of Partnerships, Rohan Batra, added, “We are extremely excited about the potential of this partnership and what it can offer our joint customers: best-in-class business planning alongside core consolidation capabilities for enterprise companies. Customers no longer have to compromise to get the best in each category. Alongside the team at Fluence, we’ll be able to further our goal in helping the office of the CFO to make the best decisions for their business with unparalleled speed and agility.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is the start of an interesting partnership, though currently one that does not seem to have a huge amount of substance. The announcement raises more questions than it answers. What is the technology integration? Is there a co-marketing or reselling element to the announcement?

What this partnership potentially offers, though, is a great combination of technologies with little overlap. It will be interesting if the partnership ends in some M&A activity.


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